The pain of writing multiple invoices, making delivery notes, collecting all the paper work at the end of the day and punching in to the accounts systems is the hassle we want all the businesses to avoid. We understand, keeping track of all the paper invoices, filing them, and punching them in to the system takes away all the valuable time from the team.

Mile Suite helps businesses to generate automated invoices and delivery notes in real-time. No more waiting until the end of the day, to collect all the paper work from the field force, when you can get all the invoices and delivery notes automatically showing in your system. Generate invoices in the office or let the rider/drivers print the invoice in the field, either way, your system is instantly updated.

If your field force/riders/drivers are collecting cash and making new sales in the field, our automated invoice generation keeps you abreast of all the actions being taken in the field, without having you to wait all day long to enter the data to your accounts system.

BONUS: Mile is a fully VAT enabled system.