How to choose best restaurant delivery software in UAE?

Technology has completely changed people’s preferences and habits. Due to fast moving life, most people  prefer ordering their food online and get it delivered at their place, without any extra effort to chase the food and the delivery guy. There are various reasons behind this change, but we will keep those for our next article.

Rather we would focus upon the factors that can help restaurants find the best restaurant delivery software (specially) in UAE, to keep up with the rising customer demands in terms of what they want and when they want.

If you are a restaurant owner, having a food delivery software brings ease of process automation while keeping controls in-house and without compromising on revenue.

The best option for the restaurants to avoid the extra hassle of developing something in-house, and to choose a pre-made restaurant delivery software which can help them automate delivery operations with the peace of mind  they need, to focus more on the food quality and customer satisfaction.

Every market is different and operates on different dynamics. Question is, how to choose the best restaurant delivery software in UAE? The points mentioned below would help the restaurant owners to find the best restaurant delivery software that would not only save them cost but also help with more controls, in-house.

1.      Transparency and Customer Reach:

Whenever you tend to find a restaurant delivery software, always check for the ones that provides you with the liberty to fetch the customer’s data and to have direct interaction with your customers.

After all, the customers belong to the restaurant and as a business, your restaurant must have full liberty to engage with the customers. In addition, always check if the software is allowing you to directly message/notify the customers.

Majority of the restaurant delivery software don’t provide the restaurant owners with this liberty. As a restaurant owner, whenever you are signing up for a delivery software, always check for the level of transparency.

2.      Customization and branding:

The restaurant delivery software that you are planning to sign up with, should provide you with the freedom of marketing your restaurant directly to the customers.

This would increase your brand awareness (restaurant’s popularity) and would also allow you to market your restaurant the way you want to do it.

Two of the most important things that you have to check is whether the software is providing:

  • White labelled consumer application.
  • Inbuilt messaging and notification services

3.      Order Management:

Always go for the restaurant delivery software that provides you with the extra benefits, i.e. Order Management. Considering a wide range of aggregators are now pushing the orders to your restaurant at once, handling so many tablets and entering each order in to the POS manually is a tedious job and prone to delays and errors.

The best software always allows the restaurant owners to integrate the orders in one platform. This helps the restaurants in managing their operations much more effectively as then they can have a view of all the orders in one screen.

4.      Customer Satisfaction:

The most important factor for the success of your business is the customer satisfaction. This is the reason why, always chose the software that provides you with every advantage to reach the customer satisfaction level that you always wanted.

For this, you have to look for the following:

  • Order Tracking: The software allows you as well as your customers, to track the rider’s location. Moreover, it allows you to check the status of the food delivery and estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Native Driver App: The software provides a native driver app that helps the riders to navigate the way to their destination with the real time route optimization.


For using a restaurant delivery software in UAE for your restaurant, you have to look for the above-mentioned points. If the software provides these benefits to you, then the only thing you have to worry about is the food quality and nothing else.

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