Client Introduction

Noor Life provides top-notch bottled drinking water directly to your home or office in the UAE. They offer large 5 and 4 Gallon bottles made from safe, single-use plastic and smaller, convenient 100 and 200-milliliter cups. Thanks to Mile’s software for bottled water distribution, Noor Life ensures fast and reliable delivery, seven days a week, across the entire UAE.

Business Challenges


Optimized Bottled Water Distribution

Mile's water delivery software played a crucial role in helping Noor Life streamline operations, optimize schedules, and decrease travel time and expenses. This led to enhanced efficiency and significant cost savings. Below is a summary of key statistics that we’re proud to have contributed to Noor Life’s success:

Noor Life’s Future With Mile

Mile continues to help Noor Life optimize their bottled water distribution operations through: Digital loadout & offloading Route-optimized journey plans Automated dispatching & zones management Recurring orders management Integrated geo-enabled CRM Customer & product-based unique discounts and flexible pricing Free of cost and sample product issuance Fully integrated workflow process for approvals and reconciliations Daily settlements and field force management

About Mile

Mile’s enterprise grade logistics platform is intended to revolutionize logistics from the first to the last mile. The company's seamlessly integrated logistics and commerce platform digitally orchestrates the transfiguration of intricate operations from fleet and warehouse management to fulfillment storage, merchant oversight, and marketplace commerce, thereby empowering enterprises to elevate their operations to unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.