28 May 2019

How Delivery Scheduling Software helps delivery and fulfillment Businesses? Delivery management or delivery scheduling software is a need of every business who is reaching out to the consumer at their door step. Have a look at the latest shopping trends across the globe, majority of people are shifting from conventional shopping to online shopping. There […]

27 May 2019

Is Delivery Tracking Software critical for the Success of your Business? “Why haven’t I received my parcel yet? “ Been there, done that. Customer support portals are full of such messages and calls. Honestly, businesses are trying their best to optimise their delivery services in order to attain 100% customer satisfaction, but the problem that […]

10 May 2019
Restaurant delivery Software UAE

How to choose best restaurant delivery software in UAE?   Technology has completely changed people’s preferences and habits. Due to fast moving life, most people  prefer ordering their food online and get it delivered at their place, without any extra effort to chase the food and the delivery guy. There are various reasons behind this […]

10 Jan 2015
In-sourcing fleet

In-sourcing of fleet will save your Restaurant business Over the last decade, the face of last mile delivery has completely changed. Thanks to the uberization of last mile, for playing key role in shaping the consumer expectations. It’s surely a blessing, to be able to order food at our convenience and desired time. According to […]