Conversational Commerce

Future of commerce is through in chat messages and conversations. Convert buyers journey into the conversation instead of a one way communication. Engage with customers in real time.

conversational commerce

A Solution for all commerce operations

Buyer Journey

Chatbot for selling

Upgrade your eCommerce business with the latest in conversational commerce through live chat and direct customer engagement. Advanced product cataloguing, discounts, promotions, flash deals management through fully integrated WhatsApp Chatbots that transform your business completely.

Our solution continues to serve many industries i.e. Restaurants, Grocery Stores, FMCG Aggregators, eCommerce, Furniture, Personal Care Services, Medical Services and much more through Mile’s Conversational Commerce Platform.


consumer application

Interactive Selling

Customers enjoy direct ordering, product suggestions, payment options, order status updates, delivery tracking, notifications, confirmations, ratings, feedback and customer support without ever leaving their WhatsApp.

Customers get access to eWallet, Real Time Updates, Live Customer Support, Product Details, Brands, Scheduling, Reward Points and promotional discounts for increased revenue and brand awareness.

In Chat Engagement

Customers can also engage in merchant rankings, store ratings, order feedback, service feedback, consultant ratings, driver ratings and returns management. Our fully integrated Omni channel approach keeps merchants, administrators, accounts teams, operations, delivery drivers and all relevant stakeholders updated with cross departmental visibility.

Logistics Platform