Delivery Management System for Business Success


Is Delivery Tracking Software critical for the Success of your Business?

Delivery Management System

“Why haven’t I received my parcel yet? “

Been there, done that. Customer support portals are full of such messages and calls. Honestly, businesses are trying their best to optimise their delivery services in order to attain 100% customer satisfaction, but the problem that stays, is the glitches in the delivery process. No matter how much work and effort businesses put in to make their delivery service the best, if they don’t have the fleet visibility, things can go seriously wrong. Delivery tracking software, are designed and developed to help businesses achieve optimum performance from their delivery fleet. In this artical we will discuss on Delivery Management System for Business Success.

As a business owner, you might be concerned about the reputation of your business. Well we can assure that if you have a strong delivery management software with delivery tracking option then you can optimise the delivery services efficiently. Rest assured, with the help of delivery tracking software you can certainly enjoy the following benefits:

1.      Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking option benefits the vendors, customers and the riders at the same time. With real-time tacking, you can easily track the actual location of the rider whenever you want. This gives you a chance to check whether there are any intentional delays or service issues. Having the real-time tracking also makes the riders conscious about their duty timings and their delivery timing. The reliable delivery tracking software like Mile, provide its clients with the accurate real-time tracking for their ease.

2.      Notifications

Send real time notifications to the end consumer, where they can track the rider and their order in real time. Real time delivery status updates for the delivery gives consumer a personalized feel. Delight your consumer with the pro-active information updates. The notifications are sent through the iOS and Android white labelled consumer applications or through messages, with a link to white labelled web page. The customer can directly get in contact with the rider as well.

3.      Finding Locations Efficiently

The most common problem that the riders face is that they don’t tend to find the way to their destination, thanks to local urbanization. The feature of real-time route optimisation by Mile provide the riders with an ease to find the best route to their destination through the rider application. With this feature, you can stay assured that the rider is on the way to deliver the parcel swiftly.

4.      Geo Enabled Journey Plan

The geo-enabled CRM functionality in Mile, allows the businesses to pin the exact location of customer on the maps, save multiple locations for one customer and delivery to them where they want. This feature further helps with route optimisation and hence helps the riders to reach their destinations on time.


Delivery tracking software works as a miracle for the success of a business. This statement can be proven with the help of the four major benefits of delivery tracking software mentioned above. Mile provides its clients with these and many other benefits through its delivery management software.

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