Simplest Delivery Tracking Solution You Will Ever Need

Some business processes need simple solutions. Mile Delivery Tracking Solution is the simplest and easiest way to dispatch orders and track deliveries. Not just that you can also notify customer once their order is on the way and let them track in real time.

Create Orders
Quick order entry through Web Interface.
Notify Customer
Instantly notify customer when their order is on the way
Simple One click dispatch to rider
Track Rider
Real time rider location and journey updates

Fulfill 30% more orders with effective utilization of your fleet

Personalized Customer engagement for improved delivery experience

Create Order As you Like

Quick Orders

Use Mile’s Quick order features for easy order entries and customer registration. Simply Select Order Items, set delivery locations (our built in map pulls out the exact location to share with the rider) and Dispatch.

Direct Orders

Don’t want to enter the orders?

Mile helps eliminate manual order entries; connect your POS, push orders to Mile and Dispatch.

Consolidated Orders

Get consolidate orders in a unified workflow so business users can focus on dispatch and fulfilling orders. Mile integrates through Restful API’s with several external systems (aggregators) to facilitate order origination.

Choose your Dispatch Option

Automated Dispatch

Let the system push orders automatically to the next available rider, based on defined route and load capacity of vehicle.

Manual Dispatch

Select manually from one of the idle riders and push the order pick up request.

Up For Grab

Notify all riders, for instant order grab. The rider accepting the request first, gets the orders assigned.

Track and Notify

Track Riders Real Time

Live location map tracking for back office, eliminating the hassle of calling back and forth for location update. Know where the riders are along with orders delivered and pending. Get notified when the rider becomes lazy.

Notify Customers

Customers get notified on Native Android & iOS white labelled consumer apps or through Whatsapp messages to track orders and communicate with delivery staff directly.

Customer receives a tracking URL with order details, payment due and the delivery person details.

Geo Enabled Journey Plan

Mile tracking extends geo-enabled miCRM functionality, letting businesses mark accurate customer locations on maps along with geo-enabled delivery confirmations automatically. Riders know the exact location for all order deliveries in their journey plan.