FMCG Deliveries Software

Delivery Management software designed for managing thousands of SKUs, handing returns, recurring orders and journay plans for the drivers. Track and manage orders at every step of the delivery process.

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Efficient Deliveries

Deliver every day items to your customers, manage inventory and ship fast with Mile’s Delivery Management Platform. Never miss an order and push new order to the drivers on the go or schedule deliveries in advance, Mile is flexible and covers all kind of complex processes. Mile comes with some handy features for FMCG distributors like:
  • Freelance & inhouse Driver Onboarding

    Comprehensive driver registration and onboarding process. Commissions & payments mechanisms.

  • Driver Shifts Mgt

    Shifts management by zone, early shift closing, shift extension, automatic log outs.

  • Driver Compliance Rules

    Define compliance rules for the drivers and monitor the performance of each driver at a glance.

  • Marchant Portal

    Give exclusive access to merchants for placing and tracking their orders.

Real time Operational Control

Comprehensive Delivery Management Software enabling merchant portals excess and live chat features:

– Know exactly which orders have been delivered and how many orders are pending

– Re-Route and Re-schedule the orders, let drivers edit the orders in field, in App chat for drivers with the back office in real time, to save the communication time.

– Bulk deliver in case of multiple deliveries and save time.

– Check driver’s duty, route, orders delivered and GPS status.

Lastmile Delivery Management Software