Optimizing Grocery Deliveries while reducing operational Cost

Busy lifestyles and technology convenience is shifting consumer mind-set from in store to online groceries shopping. An ecommerce website is enough to take your business online but to provide flawless shopping and delivery experience in order to retain and expand customer base, an Omni channel Delivery management system is must.

Make grocery delivery process simpler and hassle free with Mile’s fully integrated platform.

  • Receive Orders (Multichannel)
  • Pick and Pack
  • Push orders to the drivers
  • Optimize routes
  • Collect cash on delivery
  • Real time proof of deliveries..,

…within one unified system.

How Can We Help?

We have developed a highly agile, robust and scalable software for the complete orders and deliveries management of your grocery store, avoiding manual scheduling and data entry between systems:

White Labelled Consumer App

Take your business online with a fully integrated white-labelled consumer native app. For both iOS and Android Platforms. Ask our experts how Mile can take you online within a day.

white labelled app in android

Efficiently Manage Grocery Delivery

With the Digital Dispatch, Smart Journey plans, Real-time route optimisation and proof of delivery feature, manage the delivery cycle in a much more effective way.

Retaining Loyal Customers

Grocery delivery is much prone to the bottlenecks due selected time windows and customer expectations. With Mile, you can efficiently manage and streamline the orders and delivery processes.

Cost Effective Solution

Mile is highly scalable and agile, designed specifically keeping in mind the needs of a grocery delivery life cycle. Cloud based solution keeps the implementation cost to the minimum.

Central Workflows

Workflows are the backbone of our system. No time wasted between process approvals. All the users are up to date with the latest information.

Delivery Management Software for Bigger Grocery Chains

Mile’s delivery management software is developed keeping the needs of every business (small or large) in mind. Mile suite is capable of managing the delivery orders of big corporations seamlessly.