Grocery Delivery Software

Automate and streamline grocery deliveries for a single store or automate multiple grocery stores with a grocery delivery software and marketplace app. Mile is perfect for hyperlocal and quick commerce deliveries with its comprehensive set of features.

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Why MileNow

Optimizing Grocery Deliveries

Busy lifestyles and technology convenience is shifting consumer mind-set from in store to online groceries shopping. An ecommerce website is enough to take your business online but to provide flawless shopping and delivery experience in order to retain and expand customer base, an Omni channel Delivery management system is must.

Make grocery delivery process simpler and hassle free with Mile’s fully integrated platform including grocery delivery software and marketplace app.

Drivers Management

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Advance Features

Deliveries and Logistics Management Software

Salient Features

Efficiently Manage grocery deliveries with digital dispatch, smart journey plan, real time route optimization and proof of deliveries. 

Retain loyal customers by avoiding bottle necks and managing shorter time windows. Engage with customers and streamline orders.

Cost effective solution for complete grocery delivery life cycle. Mile is a Saas offering which keeps the maintenance cost a minimum. 

Comprehensive solution adjusting to the needs of single store, multiple branches and multi vendor grocery businesses. Immediate Go-Live

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