How Delivery Scheduling Software helps delivery and fulfillment Businesses?

Delivery management or delivery scheduling software is a need of every business who is reaching out to the consumer at their door step. Have a look at the latest shopping trends across the globe, majority of people are shifting from conventional shopping to online shopping. There might be many reasons behind this change, but we don’t have to look into the reasons behind those changes, rather we have to focus upon the importance of an impeccable delivery service.

Customers expect to receive their deliveries immediately, without having to face any lags in their routine. This is the reason that delivery scheduling software for small business allows the business owners and the management to manage the orders efficiently and deliver the products to the customers in lesser time than usual. The delivery scheduling software for small business eliminates the extra hassles that the business owners might have to face. The software also allows the small businesses to retain the existing customers and to attract the new ones.

The delivery management software by Mile allows the small business owners to manage and schedule their deliveries efficiently. This software surely helps the small business owners to make their businesses a success. Following are some of the features of the delivery management software by Mile that would help you and your business in making your deliveries a delightful experience for your customers.

Real-time Route Optimisation

The real-time route optimisation feature in the software allows the riders and delivery boys to explore the best route to their destination. This route optimisation functionality fetches the real time traffic data from authentic source and then guides the riders through the best route, so that the packages can be delivered in lesser time. This results in the satisfaction of the customers that every business wants.

Real-time Tracking

The real-time tracking option/functionality in the application allows the management to track the location of the rider and the package at any point in time. This gives the management an idea about the estimated delivery time of the package. The application also allows the management to send updated notifications to the customers regarding the delivery status. These notifications are sent through the customer application (especially designed by Mile) or Whats App messages.

Digital load-Out

The digital load out functionality allows you to eliminate the chances of errors by letting the warehouse know, how much and which packages have to be loaded in each vehicle. The product and its quantity that has to be loaded in the vehicle for the delivery, is double checked for error free loading. This prevents you from losing the products, inventories or from delivering the wrong products to the customers.

Proof of Delivery

The proof of the delivery is taken digitally. Rider has all of the information about the customer through the application; this allows the riders to deliver the packages / goods to the right person every time. No more missed or delayed deliveries.


Above mentioned are some of the advantages of the delivery scheduling software for small business by Miles. There are many other benefits as well that you can enjoy if your use this software. Reach out to Miles now! And we would assist you to make your business a huge success.