Micro-Fulfillment Centres


As the technology is moving towards advancement, delivery systems are evolving at the same pace as well. In the 21st century when everything is a click apart from us or rather on a click of a finger. From shopping physically to the era of e-commerce and from delivering groceries at our doorstep, we have advanced to a greater extent. Retailers and Consumers are moving towards online shopping. At the instant delivering the product on time and fastly is a challenge maintaining the lowest price all time.  In this article, we are going to talk about What You Need To Know About Micro Fulfillment Center. Let’s see what you need to know about micro fulfillment centers!


Due to urbanization, the cities are crammed and the traffic is increasing much more. Warehouses are constructed outside the populated areas away from the cities. Consequently, the deliveries are not delivered on their time and result in a bad customer experience. In this situation, the different business model fails to deliver the product on time and to achieve customers satisfaction.

Today’s customer expects that he gets his package land on his doorstep as soon as he clicks on the buy now button. Also, the recent pandemic has increased the trend of online shopping many times. Consumers who are not comfortable buying online are forced to do so. And they have changed their habits to a greater extent. At this instant retailers are unable to deliver the packages because of many issues. Micro fulfillment is the solution of the retailer struggling to adapt to the new E-Commerce business model and touch the skies within a few time. 

What are  Micro fulfillment Centres:

An amazing idea to overcome the all-time issue of on-time delivery is micro fulfillment centers. We can assume without any doubt that the future is in micro fulfillment centers. Micro fulfillment centers are highly automated mini centers. These centers are located in the highly-dense populated area near the customer. Different micro fulfillment centers are created at different locations forming a complex web in the cities. These MFCs are being created near the customer so it can easily facilities its customer in a short time span and caters to the need of its customer. 

Specifications of Micro fulfillment Centres;

Some of the specifications include


MFCS uses automated technology to accelerate last-mile delivery and shipping. Robots eliminate the chance of mistakes and remove errors like mismatched orders, incorrect order packing, etc.

Minimizing labor cost:

This model is digital and involves robots as well. It reduces labor costs to a great extent. And lessens manual work.

Fast Connection

It enables fast Connection and therefore on-time order delivery and management. The robot picking feature makes this model unique. It can dispatch a number of orders in a day. Moreover, connectivity makes customization possible.

Order Streamlining and tracking

As the whole method is digital from placing the order to receiving it on the doorstep. This enables both the retailer and the customer to track the whole process. This would ensure the retailer regarding the accuracy and speedy delivery of customers’ choices.

Benefits of Micro fulfillment Centres:

Use of Robots for picking packages:

The utmost benefit micro fulfillment centers provide to a customer and the retailer is online digital platforms. Retailers are now using picking robots to keep up the pace with E-Commerce. And to meet the demands of the customer within less time. These picking robots are very efficient and are many times faster than humans. As they pick the ordered package in less time and time span as well.

Faster Delivery:

Shortening the order picking time is an advantage but you know what’s more attractive?

As we have discussed earlier that micro fulfillment centers are located within the dense population, covering the entire geographical area. This automated store operator enables the retailer to deliver the product as soon as possible. Similarly, it’s where the space for the new packages is.

Providing one store shop:

An MFC utilizes and spares the space more efficiently than a typical warehouse. This means that more products can be stored and delivered at the same time. This will not allow the retailers to store the same product in a large stock. Rather they prefer small bundles of different products.

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Reducing Labour Costs

Automation of the Centre can reduce the labor cost. As the picking robots and other pieces of equipment perform the task accurately. 

Likewise, the robots can prevent accidents as they work themselves with heavy equipment and carry heavy crates.