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Get your Multi-Vendor Marketplace online!

Get your Multi-Vendor marketplace live with Mile. Sign up as many vendors as you want. Mile Marketplace is enriched with features to connect merchants with customers, merchants with your central control panel and drivers, all in one. Simple, easy to implement solution, no coding required. Once the merchants are online, upload products and publish. Customers directly order from the consumer app, and orders are delivered directly to their door-step. Collect payments and send personalized notifications.

Merchant App

Merchants onboarding is made simpler with Merchant Apps. Full of comprehensive features to take merchant stores online with in minutes:

  • Publish Products
  • Manage and Update Stock
  • Invoices and Payments Track
  • Track driver
Online Store Through Merchant App
Customer Selects from the Listed Store
Order the desired product

Why Mile?

Mile Marketplace is robust and is designed specifically for businesses who want to go live with in days. Our Marketplace solution is fully connected with Merchants, customers, drivers and central control panel.

  • Merchant Onboarding through App
  • Drivers and Orders Management through Central Control
  • Manage Payments and Invoices
  • Live Chat
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Cash and Credit card payment collection
  • Merchant’s Stock Management¬†
  • Returns Management
  • Route Optimization
  • Day end Reports
  • Driver and Sales Reports
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