Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution

Quickest way to take your multi vendor marketplace online, with comprehensive merchant, consumer and driver Apps. Perfect solution for Quick Commerce and Hyperlocal deliveries.

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Multi Vendor Marketplace

We Take Your

Marketplace Online

Get your multi vendor marketplace localized in your preferred language & currency. Sign up unlimited merchants, products or services.

Mile offers Native White Labelled iOS & Android Merchant & Consumer Apps for your Marketplace with seamless Delivery Management modules. Streamline Merchant’s registrations, Items & Stock Management and initiate online ordering for customers.

Receive Cash & Card on Delivery through built in features complimented by immediate personalized notifications.

Feature Rich Native Apps

Android & iOS True Native Customer facing Multi Vendor Apps not HTML wrappers published on Google & Apple Stores with your marketplace branding, theme, vendor categories, store locations, product service categories, brands, pricing details, live order tracking, status updates, notifications, live chat, card payments, machine learning algorithms, customer balances management, rescheduling, returns management, order rating, feedback and more.

Customer Super Apps Features

Customer Engagement

Allow customers to place multi vendor marketplace orders, opt into promotion deals, request personal services, order courier services and manage account balances and payments all through a unified super app customer interface.

Keep customers engaged through product & service promotional deals and interactive notifications for increased revenue and brand awareness purposes.

Reduce customer service and call center helpline calls significantly by managing Omni channel communication approach through built in smart live chat module and automated personalized notifications through triggering templates for all order scenarios.

Store Rating & Feedback

Manage store ratings, product feedback, driver ratings and returns management for customers with an Omni channel approach keeping merchants, administrators, accounts, operations and all relevant stakeholders updated with full history of the order flow.

Handle customer objections and discounting in real time with customer balance updates giving greater transparency to the customer in real time which improves customer satisfaction through Super Apps.

Merchant Super Apps Features​

WhiteLabel Super Apps

True native mobile merchant apps published on Apple & Google Playstore enjoy better performance, UI controls and location accuracy while comparing against less sophisticated HTML5 or wrapper apps pretending to be native.

We publish your marketplace branded Merchant Super Apps in your colour theme with bulk order imports, advanced pricing, product or service details, live status updates, dashboards, live chat, invoices, payment history and analytics on Google & Apple Stores. Manage merchant vendor categories, store locations, product service categories, brands management, stock management, promotions deal management, pricing details, order tracking, status updates, notifications, live chat, payment settlement, merchant balance management, rescheduling, returns management, order rating, feedback and more.

Merchant Registration & Management

Allow multi vendor marketplace merchants to register their product stock, categories, promotions and specialized services based on area they wish to service, hours the merchant wishes to open or close their offerings on the marketplace and remove unavailable items. Merchants can manage their store listings from the comfort of their mobile screens review their ratings and customer’s feedback.

Merchants can also submit bids on specialized services i.e. handy man services, moving services and personal care services in real time. Activating services and collecting payment in real time through multiple payment channels available within the Merchant Super Apps.

Product & Service Price Adjustment

Accommodate out of stock item scenarios, order cancelations, adjustments and partial deliveries through Multi Vendor Marketplace Super Apps which instantly apply changes for recalculations and associated taxes in real time.

Facilitate bids on services through real time merchants allowing customer to accept the preferred bid, allocating merchant and company share automatically while keeping operational teams updated on bid orders. 

Orders & Returns Management

Generate, scan and print barcoded waybills while monitoring app dashboard for status updates, edit adjustments, InApp live communication with back office users. Access historical view of all orders, proof of delivery eSignatures, pictures, location with timestamp, full chain of custody of each parcel movement with scan history, invoices and payments from right within the app in online and offline modes.

Manage refunds, returns and customer discounts from the unified Merchant Super App interface while keeping a complete historical view of all transactions and invoices within the app.

Use branded white labelled true native mobile Android & iOS merchant super apps for B2B corporate customers requiring advanced bulk features. Allow order origination with advanced pricing formulae based on locations, zones, volumes, weight or distance.

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