Omni Channel Notifications & Marketing

Engagement Driven

Omni Channel Notifications

Create and manage personalized templates driven notifications that can be triggered through order status updates designed to target the right audience at the right time. Keeping customers updated with the delivery updates not only improves customer satisfaction but also significantly reduces customer support calls saving your company unnecessary overheads.

Share timely order details including shipped items, payment links and live tracking while staying connected with the customer through Omni channel interface. Get address location and availability confirmations directly from the receivers without having to make any manual phone calls or WhatsApp messages before dispatching drivers on routes.

shipments and Cargo management

Increased Engagement

Engage with inactive customers based area, region and zones.

Send personalized marketing messages to increase awareness on new services, products and promotions of your company. Streamline marketing strategies and initiatives directly through CRM backed by customer history and delivery analytics.

  • SMS
  • Email
  • InApp
  • Whatsapp
on demand delivery solution

Powerful Tool

Feedback & Marketing

On successful delivery completion request feedback and service ratings directly through notifications giving the customer another layer of transparency and interaction with multiple departments within your organization.

Automated template based SMS & Email notifications triggered on order statuses without any user intervention powering personalized communication and live tracking options for each customer or receiver of your organization.

Trigger automated personalized emails to customers running low on stock items, promotional items, coupon books or specialized promotional emails for improved customer engagement through the entire customer relationship and milestones.

Automated Delivery Dispatch

Mile comes pre-configured with an integrated SMS gateway to facilitate SMS notification to over 135 countries right out of the box. Mile can also be integrated with other SMS gateways of your choice. Email SMTP configurations are also available to integrate email addresses for automatically mailing reports, invoices, delivery notes and more.