Mile’s delivery management software helps Zappy Delivery streamline last mile deliveries and optimize operations for hundreds of daily time-sensitive deliveries.

Client Introduction

Founded in October 2020, Zappy Delivery is a last-mile logistics company operating in Panama. It provides inventory distribution services, merchandise transfer between branches and warehouses, and door-to-door services for eCommerce.

Business Challenges


Solution 1: Efficient End-to-End Logistics

Mile's logistics software seamlessly managed the entire delivery process for Zappy and optimized efficiency from pick-up to final delivery.

Solution 2: Smart, Secure Deliveries

Mile facilitated smart and secure deliveries through integrating the following modules: AI smart dispatching Live tracking & replay Route optimization Geofencing

Solution 3: Automated Verification Process

The software automated geo location based and time stamped verification processes such as: Capturing eSignatures Capturing Receiver’s Document Pictures in High Resolution Cross Referencing IDs for Legible Signatures Mapping Ensuring Readability for Picture Text & Receiver’s Picture

Solution 4: Operational Optimization

Mile’s fully integrated solution enabled real time visibility for all stakeholders both internal and external to ensure transparency for minimized reattempts through optimized routing, smart AI dispatching and stringent location-based PODs.

Optimized Last Mile Courier Tracking

With Mile's logistic software, Zappy Delivery streamlined its banking-dominant operations and achieved a seamless, secure, and efficient last-mile delivery process.

Happy future with Mile

As a core element of Zappy Delivery's business strategy, Mile plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall experiences for merchants, drivers and end users. Moreover, Mile’s implementation covers door-to-door services from pick-up locations, warehouses, outlets, and international shipments through API integrations with current ERP & OMS systems.

Logistics Platform