Shipments and Cargo

First Mile

Custom, Shipments & Cargo Management

Mile’s Shipments & Cargo Management Module covers the entire shipment lifecycle from Pre-Shipment, Shipping, Arrival, Customs Clearance, Delivery & Post Entry processes. Shipment management allows port, vessel & required documents handling within a seamlessly integrated cross departmental workflow.

shipments and Cargo management

Documents Management

Shipments and Cargo module allows preparation of the necessary documents, permits or licenses at the time of shipment origination to assist users with keeping a complete checklist of shipment requirements.

Shipments Visibility

Shipping vessels, shipping lines, freight and additional costs are maintained throughout the shipping process to give full visibility on incurred costs. Arrival status updates at destination are visible in real time to system users and customers for transparency and to reduce customer service calls.

Custom Clearance

Customs clearance review process updates are maintained and managed to update applicable duties, taxes or associated fees related to the shipment. Upon clearance to allow entry automated notifications are shared to all stakeholders.

Vehicle Assignment

Vehicle is assigned for shipment collection and live tracking facility is provided during delivery to the consignee and proof of delivery including location, timestamp, signatures and pictures are captured.

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