Sell Direct to Consumer

With Mile’s ready to use Single Vendor Marketplace Apps, seamlessly connect with our world class delivery management software. Manage in house or 3rd party delivery service providers in one system.

Quick sign up and immediate go live.

consumer application

Start Selling directly to your Customers

Single Vendor Marketplace

Remove the hassle of paying to 3rd party marketplaces and launch your own products app with in minutes. Engage with your customers with Native iOS & Android White Label Apps. Mile’s Direct to Consumer Apps will showcase your products and services under your own brand. Run promotions, extend discounts, interact with customers all within your own branded app.

Mile’s single vendor marketplace apps are offered, fully integrated with, Mile Dashboards & Payment Gateways. Capture Orders from the native apps, in Mile dashboard. Mile’s CRM stores your customer data with geo coordinates.

Mile’s Omni channel payment integrations can be added optionally to start collecting the payments.


Manage Catalog

Manage product & services catalog with our powerful web portal. Manage & handle stock, pricing and multiple categories and brands. 

Orders Management System

Capture & track all the orders received and dispatch to the drivers for smoother and faster delivery experience

Engage With

Mile Chat

Customer engagement is simplified for delivery businesses through Mile’s intelligent Chat module. Delivery Orders relevant last mile deliveries chat facilitates customer’s requests immediately while allowing delivery operations staff to simultaneously relay critical information to Drivers & Delivery staff in the field. Drivers can request addresses confirmations, contact details and pass on real time ground situation details with customer service, dispatchers & logistics teams in the back office facilitating efficient and on time deliveries while saving critical cost on re attempts for missed deliveries. Live Delivery Chat App helps delivery businesses save fuel, reduce cost & improve fleet utilization.