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Unlimited tasks & history Plans:

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  • Unlimited Tasks
  • 3 Driver Users
  • 1 Web Admin
  • 1 Report
  • 0 SMS
  • Basic Dispatch
  • Live Tracking
  • PoD & COD
  • Basic Adjustments
  • Basic WMS
  • Basic CRM
  • Route Optimization
  • Waybill Management
  • Single Vendor Apps
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Per Month


  • Unlimited Tasks
  • 5 Driver Users
  • 2 Web Admins
  • 5 Reports
  • 0 SMS
  • Basic Dispatch
  • Live Tracking
  • PoD & COD
  • Basic Adjustments
  • Basic WMS
  • Basic CRM
  • Route Optimization
  • Waybill Management
  • Single Vendor Apps
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Per Month


  • Unlimited Tasks
  • 10 Driver Users
  • 2 Web Admins
  • 8 Reports
  • 100 SMS
  • Basic Dispatch
  • Live Tracking
  • PoD & COD
  • Basic Adjustments
  • Basic WMS
  • Basic CRM
  • Route Optimization
  • Waybill Management
  • Single Vendor Apps
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Best Seller


Per Month


  • Unlimited Tasks
  • 18 Driver Users
  • 3 Web Admins
  • 10 Reports
  • 200 SMS
  • Predictive Dispatch
  • Live Tracking & Replay
  • PoD & COD
  • Advanced Adjustments
  • Advanced WMS
  • Advanced CRM
  • Route Optimization
  • Waybill Management
  • Single Vendor Apps
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  • Unlimited Tasks
  • 25+ Driver Users
  • 5+ Web Admins
  • 15 Reports
  • 250 SMS
  • Predictive Dispatch
  • Live Tracking & Replay
  • PoD & COD
  • Advanced Adjustments
  • Advanced WMS
  • Advanced CRM
  • Route Optimization
  • Waybill Management
  • Single Vendor Apps
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Add Ons

3D Object Recognition & Identification

ML based 3D Object Scanning to determine package or item Height, Width & Length measurements. Real time Camera 3D Scanning for Object or Item Identification. Integrated ML based real time quotations for package delivery services. Reducing Data Entry through ML algorithms

Handwriting & OCR AI Recognition

AI to interpret handwritten content in cursive and type formats in multiple languages. Label detection through OCR capture. Predictive form fills through AI OCR Capture.

White Label Web Merchant Portal

Web based Merchant Portal Access made available directly into your Website Domain including Merchant Registration, Approval Workflow, Merchant Pricing, Bulk Order Imports, Tracking & Live Status Updates all done without any coding.

Merchant White Label Apps

Android & iOS True Native Apps not HTML wrappers published on Google & Apple Stores with your branding, theme, bulk order imports, pricing, product service details, live status update functionality with dashboards, analytics and more.

Freight Cargo Shipments & Customs Clearance Management
  • Pre-Shipment & Required Document process
  • Shipment Origination
  • Shipping Lines & Ports Management
  • Shipment Fees & Transportation Costs
  • Real Time Status Updates
  • Customs Processing & Clearance
  • Post Entry & Delivery Management
White Label Single Vendor Apps

Android & iOS True Native Customer facing Apps not HTML wrappers published on Google & Apple Stores with your branding, theme, product service categories, brands, pricing details, live order tracking, status updates, notifications, live chat, card payments, machine learning algorithms, customer balances management, rescheduling, returns management, order rating, feedback and more.

Customer WhiteLabel  Marketplace Super  Apps

Android & iOS True Native Customer facing Multi Vendor Apps, not HTML wrappers published on Google & Apple Stores. 

  • White Labelled Native Android & iOS Apps
  • Multi Vendor Product & Service Selection in Unified Super App
  • Promotions & Deals Management
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Delivery Geo Location Selection & Multiple Address Management
  • Customized Order Placement with Add Ons & Extras Features
  • Live Order Tracking
  • Checkout Shopping Cart Basket Management
  • Order History & Payments Management
  • Paperless Automated Tax Invoice Management
  • Live Smart AI Chat
  • InApp Live Notifications
  • Cash & Credit Card Payments with Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Pre-Payment Management

Rating & Feedback Management

Merchant WhiteLabel Marketplace Apps

Android & iOS True Native Merchant Apps for Multi Vendor Marketplace not HTML wrappers published on Google & Apple Stores. 

  • White Labelled Native Android & iOS Apps
  • Merchant Stock & Inventory Management
  • Merchant Brands & Categories Management
  • Merchant Services Management
  • Merchant Deals & Promotions Management
  • Merchant Profile Management & Serving Area Management
  • Orders List Management & Delivery Options Management
  • Create Order Functionality for Phone Orders
  • Create Customer Functionality for Phone Orders
  • Items & Services Availability Management
  • InApp Notifications
  • Order Adjustments & Calculations
  • Customer Feedback & Ratings
  • Live AI Smart Chat
  • Cash & Card on Delivery Payments
Warehouse & Stock Management Module (Returns & Pick N Pack)

Fully integrated warehouse stock management, categories, brands, SKU item weight, volumetric size, packaging, measurement units, discount promotions management, storage functionality, returns reverse logistics management, scanable bar coded waybills, tracking numbers, pick n pack features, chain of custody management, ERP API integrations and more.

Multi Branch & Hub Management

Seamless workflow management across multiple branches, hubs, stores with approval cycles, reporting hierarchy, integrated order flows, chain of custody trails, status updates, waybill access, scanning, printing, returns, adjustments and more.

Fulfilment Module With Storage Billing

Manage storage timings of fulfilment order items being warehoused for sellers and dark stores wishing to utilize a unified billing management of fulfilment orders from stock to delivery and returns cycle. Fulfilment module enables tracking of items from the moment they arrive into your warehouse with complete chain of custody monitoring with proofs and automated invoice triggering once items leaves warehouse for delivery attempts. Returns, reverse logistics and re attempts for unsuccessful delivery operations are fully. integrated with the fulfilment and storage billing module

Load Optimization & Vehicle Route Analyses

Detailed analytical view of vehicle capacity, load management, route analyses, historical zone behaviour by each SKU level detail to help planners predict and adjust loads by weight and volumetric comparisons dynamically.

  • Predictive Dispatch & Auto Driver Assignment
  • Route Planning & Optimizations before Dispatch
  • In Field On Demand Route Optimizations
  • Vehicle Load Analyses
  • Vehicle Load Planning
  • Behavioural Analyses by SKU
  • Predictive load adjustment AI suggestions
Localized Language Packs

Translations in any localized language for all regions and countries is available for web admin portal, web merchant portal, native Android & iOS customer apps, merchant apps, multi vendor apps across the entire platform including Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Sorani, Urdu and many more.

Freelance Driver Registration & Earnings Management

Drivers registration process made available directly into your website domain enabling document uploads, driver profile registrations, fully integrated approval workflow for admins, user assignment, SMS notifications and a powerful earnings management module which remains fully integrated with driver’s native mobile apps.

Delivery Bids Management

Create a competitive bidding environment for your freelance drivers allowing them to bid on orders in real time, giving customers the power to accept preferred bids with vehicle type and capacity details within customer native mobile apps. Customers get real time confirmations for driver and vehicle assignment, whereby the driver’s mobile app receives confirmation of accepted bid and driver’s earnings within an integrated workflow.

Drivers Shift Management

Facilitating drivers, zonal bulk shifts creation, management, adjustments dynamically from a powerful unified live monitoring interface with a fully integrated workflow connected with driver’s native mobile apps.

Direct Store Delivery, Van Sales & Merchandising

An advanced van field sales module with dynamic stock management, assets management that enables field staff to accept partial payments, credit balances and recurring orders management for both credit and cash customers in real time. Powerful settlements capabilities for your cashier staff for daily collections management, daily driver expense management, free of cost and damaged products management embedded in native driver’s mobile apps while remaining synced in online and offline modes with the cloud.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Enabling Credit Card payments facility for driver apps, customer apps, merchant apps and web portals through payment gateway integration with your preferred gateway i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Square, PayStacks, PayTabs and more.

  • Payment Gateway Web Portal Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Driver App Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Customer Native Apps Integrations
  • Payment Gateway Multi Vendor Marketplace Super Apps Integrations
Restful API Integrations

Integrate any external system i.e. ERP, Accounts, POS, OMS, WMS and others with Mile through powerful restful APIs covering Stock, Products, Services, Categories, Brands, Orders, Customer and more, through detailed payload configurations and real support staff to assist you with your implementation.

  • URL Shortner Integrations
  • 3PL External Courier API Integrations
  • POS Systems API Integrations
  • ERP Systems API Integrations
  • Accounting System API Integrations
  • Warehouse Management System API Integrations
  • IoT Devices i.e. Printers, Sensors, Gages, Telematics Integrations
SMS Gateway & Email SMTP Integrations

Mile comes pre-configured with an integrated SMS gateway to facilitate per SMS notification to over 135 countries right out of the box and if required can also be integrated with other SMS gateways of your choice. Email SMTP configurations are available also to integrate your email addresses for automatically mailing reports, invoices, delivery notes and more.

  • SMS Gateway Integrations
  • SMTP Email Integrations
Pre Planning And Automated Dispatching

Warehouse Store or Logistics planner’s ability to auto assign delivery orders through AI powered algorithms in bulk giving clear suggestions on driver’s availability with distance, number of orders, vehicle capacity utilization details for planners to make intelligent decisions prior to dispatching without having to go through tedious address verifications for each order.

Smart AI Chat

A fully integrated smart chat module that automatically embeds order details for customer apps, driver apps, merchant apps and admin web portals allowing live communication between all stakeholders for order adjustments, location changes, rescheduling and returns management.

  • Live Consumer Chat Module
  • Live Driver Chat Module
  • Live Admin & Customer Service Chat
  • InApp Chat Notifications & Location
  • Contextual AI Smart Chat automatically connects orders to messages
Ratings & Feedback Management

Giving your customers the ability to rate orders and drivers directly, gain detailed feedback in real time which enables instant visibility across your field force. Powering better customer engagement through immediate ratings and issue resolutions can make a major impact on customer retention allowing you to focus on key performance indicators which matter the most to your business.

  • Real-time Customer Ratings on Deliveries
  • Live feedback on Customer Experience
  • Live Smart AI Chat for Customer Support
  • Discounts & Promotions Management
  • Live Customer Account Balance Updates
  • Returns Operational Workflows
Payables Management
  • Vendors Management
  • Payment Terms Management
  • Purchase Orders Management
  • Goods Received Notes Management
  • Payments Management
  • Disbursements Management
Accounts Management
  • Chart of Accounts COA Management
  • Journal Management
  • General Ledger GL Management
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Bank Reconciliation Management
  • VAT Tax Collection Report
HR & Payroll Management
  • Employee Registration & Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Advance Management
  • Bonus Management
  • Commission Management
  • Department Management
  • Salary Package Management
  • Job Role Management
  • Employee Shift Management
  • Loans & Advance Management
  • Employee Leaves Management

Logistics & Marketplace Solution