Are you planning to start or own a courier delivery business? Are you confused and nervous at the same time because you think you can’t keep a check on your riders? Mile is here to provide with a robust Driver tracking software that would enable you to keep track of individual drivers or technicians and much more. Sounds Amazing Right? Let’s show you how this will help you in growing your business and keep a check on your operations.

Let us first dive in to what a driver tracking software is? And showcase its benefit to guide you in an easy way to implement it for your company. Timely deliveries, online payments, scheduling and rescheduling of deliveries are all crucial for a successful courier delivery business, and drivers are the back bone of these businesses.

93% of the population want to follow a package through every step of the process. And half wouldn’t even order again if there is a of lack tracking. You can quickly schedule a demo here: if you want to talk to someone from our side. Or else keep scrolling

Let’s take a closer look at the software.  

What is Driver Tracking software and how does it work?

Driver tracking software is designed to help a business owner track the drivers, optimize the routes and keep a closer eye on what’s happening in the field. It helps the business owner to keep a check on every driver and improve their delivery operations. Mile is a state of the art software solution that has an extensive array of updated features keeping in mind the needs of courier, on-demand and delivery businesses. Customer satisfaction and optimized operations are our priority. Mile offers a flexible out of the box solution with enough room to fit in to individual customer’s needs. We all know, vehicle tracking has been around for years but driver tracking software is a newer and more effective concept for delivery businesses.

1- Adjust driver schedule to minimize deliveries time

Real-time tracking of the vehicle, route optimization and verified locations, enables the businesses to adjust the route of the driver and achieve fastest deliveries while cutting the fuel cost. Also, Real-time GPS data is integral when trying to maximize the number of orders your fleet handles. Dispatchers and warehouse managers have complete visibility of driver’s information, so as to fit in the optimized number of orders and deliveries, at anytime. Sudden changes in schedules and fitting in new customer requests, could only be possible if there is a real-time tracking solution. Moreover, the customers also have full visibility of the driver’s status and thus they can make sure their deliveries don’t go missed.

2- Prevent driving hazards

Real time schedule updates, journey plans and and guided directions through the driver app, makes it much easier for the driver’s to follow the directions. This eliminates having to worry about taking the wrong turns and routes. As a result, avoiding deliveries delays and slip ups.

3- Customer Engagement

For an exceptional user experience, timely deliveries and user engagement are the key. A happy and satisfied customer can bring 100 new customers to you. Mile comes with custom notification features, which helps businesses to design messages and emails notifications for the customers. Not just that, in App notifications are another plus to keeping the customer up to date through the journey.

4- Detailed Analytics to Check drivers performance:

Ensure the right courier delivery to the right customer. Verified address and pined locations helps dealing with order delays and slip ups.

Mile comes build in with detailed Analytics. With these analytics, you can handle missed orders, driver performance and much more.

If you are looking for software to increase efficiency and to improve your customer satisfaction. Then let me tell you because you are at the right place. Mile provides you driver tracking software to do so and our team is happy to assist you.

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