Why Mile

Mile is a cloud based Delivery and Logistics Management Software, designed as one of the most powerful tech stacks helping business achieve unparalleled Lastmile efficiency. Mile takes customers online within a matter of hours not days. Our dedicated team of software engineers constantly improve the process and enrich the software with the best industry features.

Mile understands, one size does not fit all, hence over the years Mile Solutions has successfully developed a cross industry Deliveries Management platform catering to the diverse needs. Moreover, Mile ensures each cross industry feature is regularly enhanced to meet industry benchmarks.

Why take the hassle of developing Delivery Management Software from scratch when you can simply sign up and start using, leave the rest to Mile.

No hassle of hosting:

Delivery and Logistics platform have many moving parts & integrations. It involves the fleet, sales persons, drivers, logistics managers, warehouse and store managers and finance departments all at the same time. Hosting an on premise solution requires, lots of investment in hardware infrastructure and IT personnel.

Mile is hosted on some of the world’s best servers, with a dedicated team of engineers who make sure your platform is always up and running. You save on cost of dedicated servers and IT staff.

Total Cost of Ownership:

The only cost of buying a software is not just license fee or source code cost. The real cost starts piling up there on, when you have to hire a dedicated team and do the run around yourself. Mile promises Lowest Cost of Ownership to its users, what you are paying to Mile, includes the cost of IT resources, maintenance staff, server costs, 3rd party licenses and much more. You get no added charges, do the math.

Lean IT infrastructure:

Keep your IT infrastructure to the lowest, no hardware required, no added licenses or 3rd party fees. We take care of everything for our users. We will maintain the servers, licenses and 3rd party fees, so that you as a Mile customer can enjoy a seamless experience.

Data Security:

Your data is safe with Mile. Daily Data backups ensure data is never lost. Mile is hosted on redundant servers, so your business is never offline.

Auto Updates:

Buying source codes can sound tempting, but beware of the extra work that comes with that. Dedicated coders, IT staff and someone who would understand the source code is mandatory. Rest assured the maintenance of the software will also be your responsibility. If something goes down, which is likely to happen sooner than later, consider your money down the drain. If that’s not your cup of tea, try Mile.

Mile is constantly evolving and improving its features. New updates are automatically pushed and Mile users can enjoy constant evolution of the platform. Mile Dashboards and Mobile Apps are constantly upgraded and updated, so our users get the best delivery management experience.