Delivery & marketplace Transformation

AI Powered Platform

Ready to use AI powered software for all kinds of Delivery Businesses, Multi Vendor Marketplaces and mCommerce sellers.

AI & ML in Deliveries Management

Mile offers comprehensive solution for delivery and commerce businesses. Our SaaS platform adopts the latest in AI technology and algorithms for delivery businesses, multi vendor marketplaces, mCommerce and Quick Commerce operations.

Mile offers multitude of modules and solutions for online & delivery businesses. Integrated merchant portals, payment gateways and live tracking makes Mile a dynamic and comprehensive solution catering to complex business processes.

OCR & Handwriting Recognition

Mile utilizes AI to interpret handwritten content in cursive and type formats in over 70 languages, to analyze structure of written text through scan and on screen capture.

3D Object Scanning

Machine learning techniques solve delivery operational problems of package measurement issues through seq2seq conversion. Scan the package & get dimensions for quicker processing

Predictive Dispatching

AI powered Vehicle load, weight and volume capacity utilization for predictive dispatching with in zonal fleet and driver distribution and management

Platform Features

Driver's Management

Smart Onboarding for drivers (employees & freelance). Define earnings and commissions rules. Manage driver shifts & track performances. COD limits management for driver, in order for controlled payments management

Merchant Portal

Web & Mobile App Merchant Portals made available directly into your Website Domain including Merchant Registration, Approval Workflow, Merchant Pricing, Bulk Order Imports, Tracking & Live Status Updates all done without any coding.

Hubs & Branch Management

Seamless workflow management across multiple branches, hubs, stores with approval cycles, reporting hierarchy, integrated order flows, chain of custody trails, status updates, waybill access, scanning, printing, returns, adjustments and

Payments Management

Credit line and balance of payments managements. Credit Card payments facility for driver apps, customer apps, merchant apps and web portals through payment gateway integration with your preferred gateway.

Rating & Feedback

Giving your customers the ability to rate orders and drivers directly, gain detailed feedback in real time which enables instant visibility across your field force. Powering better customer engagement through immediate ratings and issue resolutions

Direct Store/ Van Sales

An advanced van field sales module with dynamic stock management, assets management that enables field staff to accept partial payments, credit balances and recurring orders management for both credit and cash customers in real time.

Warehouse & Stock Management

Fully integrated warehouse stock management, categories, brands, SKU item weight, volumetric size, measurement units, storage functionality, returns reverse logistics management, scanable bar coded waybills, pick n pack features.

Marketplace Apps

Android & iOS Apps for Multi Vendor Marketplace with custom branding, theme, vendor categories, store locations, categories, brands, stock management, promotions management, pricing, order tracking, status updates, notifications, live chat and more.

Route Optimization

Proven route optimization process. Manage trips to save driver's time and cost per trip. AI powered optimization of routes decides based on order priority, schedule and traffic conditions. Save time & fuel with green deliveries.

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About Us

Mile offers a unified solution for last-mile businesses. Including delivery management software, multi-vendor marketplace solution and single merchant / quick commerce mobile apps.

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Get To Know

About Us

Mile offers a unified solution for last-mile businesses. Including delivery management software, multi-vendor marketplace solution and single merchant / quick commerce mobile apps.


What do our clients say?

Zappy Deliveries


Mile Solutions has provided us with a very competitive product in the field of last mile delivery. Additionally, its technical support team has proven to be readily available for any question that could arise, responding in a prompt and effective manner. All and all the experience of working with Mile Solutions has been a satisfactory one

Gracia Orbis


Using Mile for over a year, this system has helped us grow our LMD division more than 7 folds. The system is user friendly with multiple functions. Mile has unique color code differentiation helping with time for our planners in monitoring deliveries performed by our courier.

LS Express


Everything has been great our business is growing with stability. And we are very thankful for you guys with the software, every update has made thing easier and the appearance of the software is so user friendly for our drivers.

Olive Fast Track Services Ltd.


From the 1st contact over 19 months months ago, Mile Solution reps were forthcoming, ready to share their tools and systems with us to enable us decide what can work for us. The system uptime is almost 99.99%, and they have a team that is responsive to our queries and suggestions. We have an amicable working relation with Mile Solution.

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