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Automating Last Mile

For all your last mile delivery needs, much more than just Route Planning.

Delivery Tracking Solution

Quick sign up, download the app, add orders, track deliveries and notify customers.

Enterprise Delivery Solution

Complete solution for all your delivery and logistics operations needs. Add the modules and build your own customized platform.

Build Your Own Solution

We let you choose from our wide range of modules, specially designed keeping in mind the delivery and logistics eco-system. Select what you need now, add-on more modules later

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Water Companies

Water delivery companies can easily track drivers, monitor sales, control product prices and have electronic coupon books, all in one system. With Mile you can decrease credit line by 60% and increase sales by 40%.


Mile is much needed automation for eCommerce players. Manage fleet (inhouse/3PL), dispatch orders, track deliveries, notify customers and handle returns. Fulfill express deliveries with Proof of Delivery.

Courier Companies

Solving the biggest problem for the courier industry: schedule Pick ups and drop offs, track riders and deliveries and notify customer. Courier companies can now achieve world class field operations efficiency.

Food Traders

Doesn’t matter if you do scheduled orders or van sales, our system takes care of all your field operations needs. Grow your business with real time reporting, managed prices and inventory control.


Bakery suppliers can manage van sales and scheduled deliveries with managed prices and best delivery timings. Get your products on the shelf and manage the products before they hit expiry.

Laundry Service

Small and medium size laundry businesses can automate pick up schedules and recurring orders, and get over any kind of missed deliveries. Manage deliveries and serve customers better.

Transportation Companies

Know the shipment arrival time as Mile connects multiple ship liners and keep you updated on when to dispatch the pickup. Also with in system notifications, never miss returns and save up to 50% of unwanted cost.

Fruit and Veg Suppliers

Perishable items need extra care when it comes to deliveries, shorter shelf life asks for closer look on the drop off timings. Manage sales, deliveries and customer engagement with our easy to use solution.


Pharmacy deliveries can now be automated to fulfill the on-demand orders. Take your business online and deliver to the customers, by tracking riders, managing orders and notifying customers.

Mile Feature Set

Big Data
One glance view of daily, weekly and monthly sales and delivery performance, vehicle wise, route wise and product wise

We Achieved

Automation of your delivery team is one of the primary ways to keep ahead of the competition. Not all systems are made the same way

If your delivery process does not match the customer expectations, you are bound to lose them. You can meet the expectations of your customers, without heavy investment in technology

Due to technology disruption, customer expectations are also changing. On-demand deliveries are on rise and we are here to enable your business to meet those needs

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