Everything You Need To Know About Delivery Management System

Delivery Management Software

Nowadays customers want everything on their doorstep within the shortest possible time. To meet the overwhelming challenges of the last mile, delivery management software is the only option. By adopting cutting-edge technology in our daily business operations, we are now able to meet the challenges of the last mile and attain loyal and happy customers. […]

How Does Delivery Management System Enhance Your Business Growth?

Delivery Services

With the increased number of customers relying on the online purchase method, last-mile delivery has become a challenge. Now, is the time to improve our delivery chains. To overcome this shift from traditional to online shopping, the (DMS) delivery management system has become an essential requirement for E-Commerce businesses. In the present age, the delivery […]

5 Ways To Improve Delivery Services

Before the pandemic, traditional shopping was the most popular way to shop around. Traditional shopping concept involved going to the market, buying something, or simply window shop to compare the best products and rates. But this Covid-19 pandemic totally changed how people used to shop. Consumers have changed their way of shopping not just locally […]

5 Best Grocery Delivery Services in Your Budget

As time changes technology evolves to a greater extent and so do our problems. In today’s age, online shopping and delivery platforms have gained much more hype. And it won’t be wrong to say that the covid-19 pandemic and the restriction imposed by the healthcare system play an important role to highlight the online delivery […]

What You Need To Know About Micro Fulfillment Centers?

  As the technology is moving towards advancement, delivery systems are evolving at the same pace as well. In the 21st century when everything is a click apart from us or rather on a click of a finger. From shopping physically to the era of e-commerce and from delivering groceries at our doorstep, we have […]

Everything About FTL And LTL Shipment

FTL And LTL Shipment

LTL stands for Less Than Truckload. Precisely defining LTL, is the truckload shipping method which is used for transporting large volumes of packages. It consists of smaller parcels from the central hub to the predetermined locations, before reaching the customer’s decided destination. Less than truckload freight refers to the transportation of the goods and the […]

Quick Commerce Business Model

Quick Commerce Business Model

During the last 2 to 3 years, everything has undergone a drastic change. Among other things, is the people’s preference of online shopping. Before the pandemic, we relied on the traditional method of shopping. But during this unprecedented time of the pandemic, we moved to the concept of online shopping. After all of this receiving […]

On-Demand Delivery Model

There is a lot of buzz around the rapidly growing on demand delivery model. A business model that bundles online presence and applications based on digital platforms. In present age, where everyone is busy and are short of time, customers want the order to be delivered at the doorstep. That too, within the shortest possible […]

What is the last mile delivery?

What is the last-mile delivery

Today’s customer driven market is pushing retailers towards undertaking newer endeavors. Highly volatile consumer behavior, contactless deliveries, and online payments are playing a major role in highlighting the need for last-mile deliveries. The ever-complicated delivery process becomes more chaotic without a system in place. Moreover, customers want end-to-end transparency of delivery in progress. They want […]

What Is Hyperlocal Marketplace Model And How Does It Works?

Hyperlocal Marketplace Model

Delivery business is no more the same post Covid 19. Customers ever growing expectations are guiding delivery business in to new services and delivery processes. To retain customers and stay in business, delivery companies are struck with the challenge of reducing the delivery time window. It all started with next day delivery to same day […]