Everything you need to know about last mile tracking

Last Mile tracking is the tracking of the parcel delivered from the warehouse to the customer’s place. This visibility ensures the efficiency of the last mile delivery operations. It facilitates the retailers and the customer as well, to check the live location of the courier maintaining the customer and the retailer’s satisfaction. Last Mile tracking is a very important part of the logistic business and completely fit into the evolution that’s coming day by day so to meet our customer’s expectation

 keep reading the article to get know-how about how last Mile tracking & the software help you run your logistic operation smoothly. And how it enables you to deliver the courier to the customer at the expected time so to enhance your customer experience.

What is last Mile tracking?

Nowadays our impatient customer wants his order to be delivered at his desired location within the shortest possible time. But how will you make sure that the order you dispatched reaches the customer’s decided destination within the shortest possible time? this struggle doubles when you have a bundle of orders to track that is really a tedious task. If the order is not delivered to the customer within the shortest possible or expected time then it’s very obvious that you will lose your customer and he will have a very worst experience with you. So to avoid all these hassles last-mile carrier tracking is an ultimate savior.

Last-mile tracking enables you to track the order from the time it is dispatched from the warehouse to the customer at its decided destination. last mile tracking enables you to track and manage the route so as to robust last mile delivery operation.

Some of the advantages of last-mile tracking are given below 

Route automation

For a good customer experience, it’s very important to deliver the product to the customer’s decided location within the shortest possible time. Here a question arises here how will you make sure that the orders reach the desired location of the customer in his expected time. The last Mile carrier tracking software enables you to make sure of on-time delivery of the courier. If there is a single delivery task the tracking software will show you the shortest possible route. And let’s say if there are multiple deliveries software will provide you with the best suitable calculated route to save your time and improves your customer satisfaction.

Proof of the delivery

Last mile tracking software possesses the most prized electronic proof of the delivery so to make it super easy for you to cross-check the delivery as it is done once.

Real-time tracking

last mile tracking software helps you to make your logistic operations efficient without burdening you. Real-time tracking does the same. Last-mile tracking software keeps you updated and informed about where is your order? when you will receive your order? and notify you frequently about all the information you want. Last-mile tracking software helps you to keep track of your multiple delivery order tasks.

What is MileNow?

MileNow is constantly developing last miles delivery tracking software. It is a powerful tool that enables you to track the operation throughout, from the start when the courier is collected from the central hub, till the end when the product is delivered to the customer at his doorstep.

Retailers need to come up because it is a centralized business operation for your customer.

Keep reading the article to decode the last mile deliveries tracking software. And know about its compatibility that is required for your logistic business.

Mile now offers the following features

Record management

Mile now helps you to take complete control of the delivery operation. Moreover, it keeps the record by maintaining a digital agent wallet that allows you to keep track of deliveries. It maintains all the analytical data that you might need in the future. It is the best software one need for record management and analytical data storage.

24/7 availability of VA

To solve the issue of its customer mile now make sure 24/7 availability of its virtual assistant. During an hour of the day, you can reach out to them. And take help regarding any issue you might be facing.

Real-time notifications

For every satisfied customer, notifications are very essential. Mile now enables you and helps you satisfy your customer. It keeps you updated and informed at every instant of the supply chain process.

Try Mile now the easiest and the most developed last mile tracking software along with its amazing features. And get a hassle-free last mile delivery operation. You can also get a demo for more info.

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