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Manage time sensitive fresh food delivery with our comprehensive delivery management solution. Combine it with a customer facing mobile app and start receiving orders directly. 

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Deliver Fresh!

Deliver perishable items with Mile’s powerful delivery management platform. Manage stock in warehouse, give daily dispatch to the drivers, deliver orders with in the time slot, over see the drivers daily performance in real time and get instant notifications for the deliveries completed. Mile is helping business with pre-scheduled orders as well as spot sales. Control prices and handle returns all with in one solution.

  • Cold Chain Management

    Vehicle allocation by color coded cold chain orders with load planning.

  • Driver Shifts Management

    Shifts management by zone, early shift closing, shift extension, automatic log outs.

  • Driver Compliance Rules

    Define compliance rules for the drivers and monitor the performance of each driver at a glance.

  • Freelance & inhouse Driver Onboarding

    Comprehensive driver registration and onboarding process. Commissions & payments mechanisms.

Feature Set

  • Van Sales or Spot Sales

    Drivers acting as merchants can create, adjust orders and print invoice in the field

  • Order Origination and Import

    Bulk Orders Import from Excel or APIs

  • Route Optimization

    Flexible Route planning and scheduling for the logistics department & drivers

  • Stock Management

    Manage stock from various farms and vendors and cut down on individual wastage

  • Reverse Logistics

    Empower business with reverse logistics, handle returns without making extra trips.

  • Proof of Delivery

    Get real-time proof of delivery with the electronic signatures along with date and time stamp.

  • Tracking & Notification

    Real time notifications and tracking across multiple channels

  • Digital Dispatch

    Individual or Bulk orders dispatching to merchandisers or drivers

What we do?

Take your fruit and vegetables business to home delivery market with in days. Mile helps business not only with delivery tracking and management but also takes business online with in days. Get white labelled native app and start selling to your customers directly. With Mile Diver App, manage daily assigned deliveries, receive proof of deliveries and manage orders in real time. Compare fresh produce from various vendors to reduce wastage.

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