Water Delivery Software

Specially designed for water delivery operations covering Van sales, payment collection, assets management & much more. Mile helps water companies decrease their bottle purchase cost by 70%. Book demo today, to see how it helps.

Water Delivery Software

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Feature Set

Predictive Dispatch

AI powered Vehicle load, weight and volume capacity utilization

Live Tracking & Replay

Track the locations of delivery vehicles as well replay the routes

5 Gallon Bottles Handling

Manage the count of empty & issued bottles to the customers

Prepaid Coupons Handling

Coupon books can be issued directly from the system & printed.

Automated Invoices

Send automated invoice & delivery notes to customers.

Route Optimization

Optimize routes to save on missed deliveries & added fuel cost.

Vehicle Load Analysis

Load vehicles per capacity and the type of vehicle

Daily Settlements

Settle the accounts on daily basis and in real time

Customer Pricing

Set customer based pricing, give bulk discounts & more

Why Mile?

Direct Store Deliveries

Never lose count of how much stock was issued and sold on the go. Direct store deliveries or van sales are the most complex part of sale happening on the field. Mile is designed to capture the amount of stock sold, location and pricing details automatically. This eliminates any chance of errors and saves the time of warehouse managers & fleet personals by capturing every thing in real time.

Van Sales and Direct Store Deliveries

Scheduled Deliveries

Delivering to customer doorstep and delight them with timely and accurate deliveries. Make new customers and increase revenue. With geo located customer addresses and route optimization, there is no chance for the deliveries to get missed or delayed. 

Lost the count of gallon bottles issued to customers? Sell through Mile DMS and keep a track of bottles sold per customer & revenue generated per customer.

Bottled water delivery to customer

Distribution Management

Advance Features

Choose your pricing plan

Logistics Platform