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Complete Delivery Management solution for water delivery companies. Comprehensive set of applications, designed specifically for water delivery operations.

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Scheduled and Van Sales

Mile is a complete set of applications, designed specifically for the water delivery companies. Mile’s enhanced functionalities cover all major process of a water company, including Spot Sales, electronic journey plan, Cash and credit card payments collection, customer outstanding balance management and much more. Mile has helped numerous water companies and reducing outstanding credit and 5 gallon bottles purchase.

  • Freelance & inhouse Driver Onboarding

    Comprehensive driver registration and onboarding process. Commissions & payments mechanisms.

  • Driver Shifts Management

    Shifts management by zone, early shift closing, shift extension, automatic log outs.

  • Driver Compliance Rules

    Define compliance rules for the drivers and monitor the performance of each driver at a glance.

  • Coupon Books Management

    Manage pre paid coupon codes electronically, through the customer application or in traditional way.

Feature Set

  • Van Sales or Spot Sales

    Drivers acting as merchants can create, adjust orders and print invoice in the field

  • Digital Loadout & Off loading

    Digitally assign inventory to each vehicle before the day starts & off load at day end

  • Route Optimization

    Flexible Route planning and scheduling for the logistics department & drivers

  • Customer Based pricing

    Set customer based, area based or season based pricing

  • Asset Management

    Allocating loads by route and keeping track of virtual stock & assets in real time

  • Proof of Delivery

    Get real-time proof of delivery with the electronic signatures along with date and time stamp.

  • Tracking & Notification

    Real time notifications and tracking across multiple channels

  • Coupon books & Payments

    Digital Coupon Books management and payment handling (Cash and Credit)

Why Mile?

Mile possesses some of the best features that has helped water companies in achieving higher growth and lowering cost. Mile comes enriched with:

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