Fruits and Vegetables Delivery Software

Manage time sensitive fresh food delivery with our comprehensive fruits and vegetables delivery software. Combine it with a customer facing mobile app and start receiving orders directly. 

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Fruits and vegetables delivery software

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Deliver perishable items with Mile’s powerful delivery management platform. Fruits and vegetables delivery software is designed to manage stock in warehouse, give daily dispatch to the drivers, deliver orders with in the time slot, over see the drivers daily performance in real time and get instant notifications for the deliveries completed. Mile is helping business with pre-scheduled orders as well as spot sales. Control prices and handle returns all with in one solution.

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on demand delivery solution

What we do?

Take your fruit and vegetables business to home delivery market with in days with Mile’s Fruit and vegetables delivery software. Mile helps business not only with delivery tracking and management but also takes business online with in days. Get white labelled native app and start selling to your customers directly. With Mile Diver App, manage daily assigned deliveries, receive proof of deliveries and manage orders in real time. Compare fresh produce from various vendors to reduce wastage.

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