Delivery is something of prime importance to the customer. Fast, on-time, same-day delivery is the top challenge for Last-mile delivery companies. Companies have faced difficulties during the times in the covid-19 when the customer choices have changed significantly and they have shifted from traditional shopping to online shopping. Breaking the old brick and mortar models we have entered into the new era of Technology. Nowadays the customer will gladly pay you more for better, fast, and more convenient delivery. Most of them want same-day delivery. If the company wants to keep its customers satisfied and happy then it should adopt a system so to overcome their lacking. Below here are some ways to improve the last-mile delivery model and everything you should avoid for efficient last mile delivery.

Ways to improve the last-mile delivery?

Things to avoid for an improvised last-mile delivery model

Simply putting the interest of the company, the operation process, the management, and that technical tool help the companies to provide a great on-demand delivery experience for the customer. In travels, there are many reasons why this system failed. Some of them are discussed below

Keep reading the article to get some know-how about why most businesses fail to execute a better model. And fails to provide an efficient delivery experience to its customers.

Short deadlines for a bundle of orders

During the covid-19 time period, we faced the issue that there are a large number of orders that are just stalked in the warehouses just waiting to go out. with the increasing demand, the riders have a very short time period for accepting the order collecting them, and delivering them to the customer. This situation left behind less room for error. In this situation, management issues can lead to huge losses either in terms of money or customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays the Satisfaction of our impatient customers is essential. Customer wants real-time information about their orders. They want to track their driver, get estimated delivery time, the date when they will receive their order, and the alert notification as well. It is a common saying that one satisfied customer would bring a hundred more to you. When you facilitate a customer with all these features you will definitely get a  positive review and a good reputation.

Synchronized management’s 

To complete any task and to move towards accomplishment you need to have some separate functional teams having their particular duties on a daily basis. This means that it’s much easier for multiple carriers to deliver the package volume divided into packages. Most importantly the different teams must be synchronized and connected so that all the orders are fulfilled and the company would be able to maintain the workflow.

How do avoid these mistakes?

To boost the efficiency of the delivery and to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction you should avoid these mistakes.

Make yourself time-bound

Time is the basic key to success in on-demand delivery. To make on-demand delivery possible you have to concentrate on every aspect. After reviewing the whole model you get the two most important things dispatching and routing. If you have an automatic routing and the dispatching system then there is no doubt that your all deliveries will deliver on time. Management skills along with the rise of the correct platform ensure on-time delivery to the customer.

Go for a teamwork

Secondly, for better on-demand same-day delivery go for a third party delivery company with extra resources. On these platforms, orders will be delivered on daily basis.  This will lessen your stress and ensures you have enough riders on hand for on-demand  same-day delivery

Ship from local stores

Try to collect the orders from the local stores. So to get good quality of the order. Moreover, this would reduce the delivery time and maintain lower delivery costs as well.

Rider and vehicle tracking

Tracking and quick message alert to your customer about where the rider is? when will he receive the order and the updates? All these are important for the feedback loop for both their customer and the driver. this feature will definitely help you get a satisfied, loyal, and  a happy customer

Mile now facilitates its customer with an amazing platform with an improved model to facilitate last-mile delivery. It is the best management tool one wants to enhance the delivery experience. On-time, quick delivery along with a  tracking app for customers and drivers with satisfied customers are the specifications of the Milenow delivery solution.

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