Over the last decade, the face of last mile delivery has completely changed. Thanks to the uberization of last mile, for playing key role in shaping the consumer expectations. It’s surely a blessing, to be able to order food at our convenience and desired time.

According to a study, Millennials and Gen Z are more inclined towards dining in and getting food delivered at work or home, without having to step outside. 86% of the millennials will be parents by 2026 with nearly half of them preferring to dine-in rather than to dine-out.

Increasing demands from customers is putting a lot of pressure on the restaurant businesses to keep up with their expectations while keeping the profit margins in check. Surely, 3PL partners can be a great help when it comes to serving customers well, however huge costs attached to using those services is breaking the back of restaurant owners.

In such case in-sourcing of fleet comes with some serious benefits:

Millennials and Gen Z is the future and it is already here. Dine outs will see a decline in coming years and Dine Ins would be preferred due to lifestyle changes.

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Restaurants can keep pace with the changing needs and maintain their profit margins by keeping the fleets in house, provided there is good technology to back the delivery process, so the deliveries are made in time and the customer is satisfied.

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