Quick Commerce Business Model


Quick Commerce Business Model


During the last 2 to 3 years, everything has undergone a drastic change. Among other things, is the people’s preference of online shopping. Before the pandemic, we relied on the traditional method of shopping. But during this unprecedented time of the pandemic, we moved to the concept of online shopping. After all of this receiving courier delivery on time was far from reality. But now this dream has come to reality. Quick commerce has made this dream a reality.

Quick commerce as its name suggests enables us to get our product in a shortest time span due to its fast delivery time window. This business model makes it possible to get small quantities of every day goods delivered to the customer instantly.

This delivery Model shook the delivery operations around the globe and give us a new concept and more comprehensive way to receive deliveries, known as the Quick Commerce business model

Restricted physical moments and disrupted supply chains were affecting the delivery operations. That time lead to the emergence of a model known as the Quick commerce business model. This business model was unique in a way that it promised the delivers of the goods within a minimum time after ordering it. This model focus on the micro quantities of goods. Quick commerce is the evolution of ecommerce.

This model combines both E-Commerce and traditional shopping. Ordering daily items like milk, bread, snacks, vegetables, flowers, cakes, sweets or even the dinner or a fast food are all Quick commerce.

Specifications of Quick Commerce business model

First and foremost this model promises its customer the fast and convenient delivery at the doorstep. So it sounds very attractive to a number of people working from home or even busy moms.

This is the only model that facilitates ordering in the shortest time window. Order anything, anytime and get it delivered at your doorstep. Also, this model provides a guarantee that your ordered product will be available in at the store or dark warehouse. It tries its best to remove any inconvenience.

In this model, you can order from any single store at a time. For example, if you want to do some groceries and you need some medicines as well. Due to time restriction you simply chose the store and buy products listed at the particular store. Quick Commerce model also supports multi-vendor marketplace where various different stores can list their products.

Quick Commerce is a highly user friendly model. So, you can order anything easily and even track your order as well. Its friendly and fantastic features enable a customer to shop easily.

How to implement this model?

Before starting working on your project finalize your audience and their pain points. After that choose a location or neighborhood to start with, so as to ensure quick pick, pack and delivery of the products.

Secondly, you have to choose the delivery medium i.e transportation medium like car, bike or a scooty. Normally a two-wheeled vehicle is suitable to deliver parcel faster and within a short time. Wisely choose a real-time management tool that will help you and can prevent you from trouble of order delays or mix ups.

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Technology has changed our ways of life much more than we imagined. We need modern solutions for our modern problems. Quick commerce promises quick and fast delivery at the doorstep that’s the biggest advantage in itself. In future this method of delivery would be enhanced more, to better suit the needs of the society. Quick Commerce is here to stay and we understand the complexity of situation. Which is why Mile is developed a comprehensive solution to help businesses that are looking for some help to take their operations live. Get in touch if you would like to know more.