on-demand delivery model

There is a lot of buzz around the rapidly growing on demand delivery model. A business model that bundles online presence and applications based on digital platforms. In present age, where everyone is busy and are short of time, customers want the order to be delivered at the doorstep. That too, within the shortest possible time. Internet and Technology have brought about several fundamental changes in the way, the present world conducts business. We now live in a time when the customers know what they want, from where they want, and when.

What is An demand delivery model:

As the name suggests, on-demand delivery model promises its customer deliveries and pickups on on-demand basis. It is a process by which companies use modern online platforms and digital solutions to supply their goods to their customer in the shortest possible time span as demanded by the customer. As we all know that urbanization has increased the number of households in a small geographical area by three-fold. People want to get their parcel at their doorstep without any inconvenience and saving their time.

How does this model work?

Let’s understand this model with an example. Tomorrow is Mr. and Mrs. John’s anniversary and Mr. John just didn’t remember to buy a gift for his beautiful wife. At the eleventh hour, he realized he was too late to go to the store and buy a gift for his wife. Now he is denouncing himself for forgetting such a memorable day. Here, something clicked in his mind and he opened this new gift delivery mobile application and ordered a beautiful necklace for her.

When Mr. John placed the order, the application immediately triggered a notification alert to the warehouse where the necklace was stored. Instantly warehouse staff picked and packed the item and forwarded it to the delivery partner. The delivery executive is assigned by the delivery partner. The delivery man who is actually a life saver for Mr. John, picks up the order and delivers it to Mr. John within less than 24 hours. Mr. and Mrs. John are now happy and satisfied customer for the Gift Delivery App.

This is basically how this model work, however this example was a simplified version. In reality, it is a much more complex process due to constantly changing customer behavior and rising operational costs.

Advantages of the On-demand delivery model

The on-demand delivery model provides you with the option to choose the place, date and time of delivery. Also, it provides the facility of choosing an alternative address. No long term commitment is required and customers can use the service as and when required.

It also facilitates its customer to get deliveries at particular time or address. Let’s say that you are at Nancy’s home and you can’t reach your own home in time tp receive your parcel, in this scenario you have an option to request your relevant delivery company to deliver it later to you or simply to deliver at Nancy’s house.

The on-demand delivery model works online so you don’t have to go somewhere and frustrate yourself.

This model perfectly suits courier companies, laundry services, grocery deliveries and specialized item deliveries.

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Concluding this all, the on-demand delivery model aims to provide the parcel to its customer within the shortest possible time. While keeping the freedom to choose time and place of delivery. This model is great for the businesses trying the improve their delivery processes and competing well in the market. Still, if you have any queries you can get in touch with us. We have helped multiple on demand businesses launch successfully with in days.