Technology is evolving day by day making our lives easier. There must be digital modern solutions for modern problems. During the pandemic, we have come across many problems and their solutions as well. This dreadful time has taught us a lot. One of the concepts of the Quick Commerce business model.

The traditional retail businesses either big or small work using their conventional tricks. As the whole world is converted to a digital Globe where we sell our services online now. Breaking these bricks we introduce a model known as the E-Commerce model which deals with the online buying and selling of goods and services worldwide using the Internet.quick commerce model is the evolution of the E-Commerce model. The quick commerce model provides the same services but at a greater speed and short time span.

It is not something new. You might have come across many restaurants that provide their deals and offers on the internet you can access them by their site. They will deliver your placed order within Maximum of half an hour. These traditional businesses like restaurants, fashion brands have adopted it earlier.

PROS Of Quick Commerce

Fast Delivery Time.

The utmost benefit of this model is the quickest delivery of the product at the consumer’s doorstep saving your customer time.


Isn’t the convenience and fastest delivery attractive benefits but you know what’s more interesting?

This model works 24/7. This means you can place an order any time you want.

Customers Satisfaction

Since this model caters to a geographical area the buyer would collect the package from the local Dmarts and reputable brands to get customer satisfaction.

Multi-vendor shopping

Quick Commerce provides you the facility of quick service by multi-vendor local shopping. They had developed their own apps to facilitate their busy customer.

Convenience and Efficiency

This model provides you the facility to deliver product quickly anytime the customer would place the order Convenience and Efficiency are the facts that Quick Commerce promise to its users.

Order Tracking

Your package would be tracked all the time and the customer could access that tracking as well. Moreover, the customer will get the messages on their notification bar for the product they ordered.

Cons of E-Commerce

Besides having a bundle of advantages it has some disadvantages as well.

Cons of E-Commerce includes

High Startup cost:

Initially, quick commerce delivery providers will cost you highly for providing you with the infrastructure. Its complex infrastructure will cost you high.

Besides the fact that the provider has to consider many things like a warehouse, riders, delivery partners, etc but yet new startup might feel difficulties at the start.

Affecting the local Market

This model will highly affect the local markets. As the buyer would collect all the placed orders from a multi-vendor store or warehouse. The local markets would be hurt.

The fate of Quick Commerce

It’s a new strategy nowadays yet a rapidly growing model. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the behavior of fleets towards shopping has drastically changed. And this change would help this model a lot to rise. The success of the model will be completely related to the advantages they provide and the potential they hold would help them grow in the market. New innovations in technology would help this model grow. like the invention of drones remote far areas will become reachable in less time comparatively. Dedicated riders would be one basic and most important factor in its success.

How to implement this model

Follow these guidelines to know how to implement this model

First of all target your required audience check their pain points and check their influx there. After this choose a wise location that’s pretty closer to the customers so that you can quickly pick, pack and drop the product to your customer. Choose dedicated riders and the effective transportation medium for delivery. For example, the two-wheeled vehicle will take less time as compared to vans. Involve the local market in this model with you. This would improve customer satisfaction.

Wisely choose your stock targeting your location and target audience. Tiffin lunch box delivery near offices and hostel would be a perfect idea to get your target profit.

Most importantly choose a real-time management tool. This tool will help speedy delivery within no time.

It can also prevent you from trouble or discomfort.

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There will be a lot of buzz about this model in the coming 2-3 years is aimed at providing quick deliveries to their customer within a short time span. Adopt this model for your business and you would see success in a shorter time. With this article, we try to make quick commerce very clear to you still if you have any queries you can ask us.