Mile Delivery Software – A Complete Suite for All Your Delivery Needs!

An increasing inclination towards online shopping is changing the way businesses used to operate. Question is, what is pushing a vast majority of people to move to online shopping? The answer to this question is simple; millennials and Gen Z (60-70% of the customers) find it easy to purchase online rather to physically going and buying from the store. This is the reason that the big brands are investing huge chunk of money in ecommerce and online marketing.

Not just that, the ever growing ease of selling merchandize online, has encouraged a lot of small businesses to start selling online, without having to commit large chunks of money in building physical stores. However, the main challenge is to keep the track of the deliveries. One of the main reasons why the online businesses are not making it far is because they find it difficult to manage their deliveries, and this is the reason that their customers move on to other stores. On the bright side, mile delivery software is a complete solution, developed to take care of this exact problem.

Mile suite not only efficiently helps you in managing the deliveries but it also proves to be much beneficial to save the extra hassle that businesses go through manual delivery systems. So what is it that mile delivery software can do? We can quickly summarize the benefits of our software for a clearer understanding.

1.      Digital Dispatch

The fully integrated digital dispatch helps in eliminating the errors and in minimizing the missed deliveries, hence making it easier to manage your delivery tasks and have birds eye view, within the same system.

2.      Automated Invoicing

The real-time automated invoicing helps to eliminate the paper-based invoices that can become much time and energy consuming. This also helps in eliminating the errors while collecting the cash at the end of the day from the riders and reconciling them with the records.

3.      Route Optimization

The real-time route optimization makes it easier for the riders to optimize the route to their destination on the go, avoiding delays and unforeseen situations. Hence, they are able to deliver in lesser time.

4.      Geo Enabled Location

racking the location of the riders is not enough. Mile delivery software allows the management to track their field force, have notifications about the status of deliveries and have complete knowledge about the initiation of the order and the location of the delivery.

5.      Workflow

Mile alerts about the pending tasks, which are easy to handle with single click approvals and requests management. This helps the business in streamlining their logistics operations and gives them the power to make decisions on the go.

6.      Proof of Delivery

A well-integrated proof of deliveries module, alerts back office once the task is completed. This is the reason why Mile is helping businesses to deliver the packages to the right person at the right time.

7.      Marketing

It lets Market to your customers, from within the system. This allows businesses to stay in touch with their customers and market their products efficiently.

8.      Returns

The return deliveries are the hardest to record and manage. We have developed just the right software for you to manage the returns/ reverse logistics and manage your assets efficiently without any errors.

9.      Delivery Notifications

Mile delivery software allows the businesses to send the real-time delivery status notifications to the customers. This turns out to be beneficial for the customer’s satisfaction.


Aforementioned are some of the benefits of Mile delivery software for the brands running their businesses online. Mile suite helps the businesses to streamline their delivery processes and to attain happy and loyal customers. For further details on how our software can help in your delivery errands, you can contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you!