Little Bit About Amazon Acquisitions

Amazon mile

Electronic Commerce is the online buying and selling of products and services. one of these platforms is Amazon. Amazon is an e-commerce site that offers a wide range of services and products.  This site has gained much hype and a  strong customer base within a short time. Nowadays Amazon is considered a leader in E-Commerce […]

Milenow; An Impeccable Delivery Management Software For You

delivery managment software

With the drastic change in the customer’s choices and the unexpected shift of the customer from traditional shopping to online shopping, delivery management software usage has increased dramatically. The retailers are in search of new logistic delivery management so to keep pace with the delivery operation. Nowadays retailers are familiar with the fact that deploying […]

Five Best Management Software For Last-Mile Delivery 

last mile

At the time of the pandemic when there is a bundle of challenges. The ever-difficult last-mile delivery model become more challenging. At that time it was very difficult for a last-mile delivery model to meet both ends. It becomes very difficult to meet customers’ expectations. Many factors cause this business model to become complicated. Among […]

last mile delivery challenge: a challenge you can take on

last mile delivery challenge

Sales have grown extremely rapidly online and show no signs of slowing down. The consumer’s expectations regarding the delivery service, however, have remained unchanged. The ‘last mile’ offering is changing delivery models. As a result? Complex supply chains and increased costs. Learn how to address these issues. Online sales continue to grow. Customers expect to […]

How to improve the last mile delivery model?

last mile delivery model

Delivery is something of prime importance to the customer. Fast, on-time, same-day delivery is the top challenge for Last-mile delivery companies. Companies have faced difficulties during the times in the covid-19 when the customer choices have changed significantly and they have shifted from traditional shopping to online shopping. Breaking the old brick and mortar models […]

How Door Dash business model work, its revenue generation?


Let’s decode the concept of the door dash store model its salient features its future and most importantly its success. Keep reading the article to know everything about the door dash business model. What is the Dashdoor model? Founded in the year 2013, the doordash model has gained a lot of hype in the market, […]

How Amazon Improves And Enhance Last Mile Delivery Model

milenow amazon

Last-mile delivery is a giant challenge in itself. Keeping up the pace and meeting, the expectations of the customers is a bit difficult nowadays. But it’s not impossible. Jeff Bezos one behind Amazon proved it by increasing the leverage to the last mile delivery model. He has designed a model to keep up pace with […]

Industries that need same day delivery services

delivery services

In today’s ages, the field of Logistics and supply chains is fast enough. It’s crucial for some goods to deliver on the same day due to the nature of the product and customer satisfaction as well. Advancement in technology across all industries highly demands same-day delivery services. Delivery management software like milenow offers same-day delivery […]

Everything you need to know about last mile tracking

last mile tracking milenow

Last Mile tracking is the tracking of the parcel delivered from the warehouse to the customer’s place. This visibility ensures the efficiency of the last mile delivery operations. It facilitates the retailers and the customer as well, to check the live location of the courier maintaining the customer and the retailer’s satisfaction. Last Mile tracking […]

About cost of last mile delivery business and how to optimize it

As time changes and the folks have shifted from traditional to e-Commerce Online shopping. We have observed a significant change in the behavior of the customer. Now, e customer wants his order to be delivered to his doorstep in the shortest possible time. For this purpose, we have come across a model named a last-mile […]