In today’s ages, the field of Logistics and supply chains is fast enough. It’s crucial for some goods to deliver on the same day due to the nature of the product and customer satisfaction as well. Advancement in technology across all industries highly demands same-day delivery services. Delivery management software like milenow offers same-day delivery to the customer at his doorstep in the shortest possible time. Below there are some industries that demand same-day delivery services.


Electronic Commerce is widely used and one of the biggest industries that could get benefit from same-day delivery. The E-Commerce industry grow rapidly in the past few years and replaced the conventional method of shopping to a greater extent. The rise in the covid-19 pandemic gives rise to this industry as well and gives it overnight growth.

Health care Industry

The health care system being the lifesaver of society is one of the essential industries that need same-day delivery. An efficient delivery management software like milenow enables you to get the medicines and other stuff the same day and serve patients. Not only does this health care system also regularly need the same delivery for transporting time-sensitive crystal items blood, vaccine, organs, etc.

Manufacturing industries

Manufacturers highly rely on the same day delivery of couriers for the smooth running of the industries and even the economy. As it provides the maximum number of employment in the country. Not only this but it also heavily relies on same-day delivery so to get the raw material to manufacture the product. If any of the products are not delivered on the same day then obviously can lead to revenue loss.

Law and legal firms

Legal firms depend on same day delivery for the courier to deliver and transport the document on very short notice. Moreover, court schedules and deadlines should reach the customer on the same day. So they could prepare themselves for the coming hearing. In such kind cases misplacing a document or mix-up can lead to heavy loss. And sometimes even one can face a sanction from the court.

Floral Industry

The trend of online flowers delivery for any occasion. Like a birthday, visiting a patient, or wishing someone. This trend has gained much more hype and popularity due to changing attitudes of the people. If they reached the customer on the same day there are not of any use. Flowers will be rotten or destroyed if not delivered on the same day.

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