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Why Mile?

DMS designed for Sales Growth

Automate your fleet and last mile operations with Mile’s tried and tested DMS, designed specifically for last mile businesses trying to increase sales and transparency of the delivery process.

Zone Management

Define delivery zones for more organized and planned deliveries.

Live Tracking

Live tracking for back office and for customers through white label web pages.

Way Bills

Generate and Scan way bills to track and manage deliveries & packages.

Route Optimization

Proven route optimization process. Manage trips to save driver's time and cost per trip.

Proof of Delivery

Instant proof of delivery through customer signature, picture & time stamp.


Geo location based CRM module enables real time verification of all field operations validating each customer engagement through work or home address

Smart Chat

A fully integrated smart chat module for Customer, Driver & Merchant apps

Predictive Load Analysis

Vehicle load analysis & sales forecasting based on historical analysis of all SKU items delivered on a particular route or zone provides planners with deep data insights helping with accurate decisioning.

Localized Languages

Translations in any language for all regions and countries is available for web & native apps



Drivers Onboarding, Shift & Earnings Management

Drivers registration process made available directly into your website domain enabling document uploads, driver profile registrations, fully integrated approval workflow for admins, user assignment, SMS notifications and a powerful earnings management module which remains fully integrated with driver’s native mobile apps.

Facilitating drivers, zonal bulk shifts creation, management, adjustments dynamically from a powerful unified live monitoring interface with a fully integrated workflow connected with driver’s native mobile apps.


Zone Auto Assignment Smart Dispatching

Smart Auto Dispatching utilizing AI algorithms that take into account multiple factors i.e. distance, number of orders, capacity, COD amounts and optimized routes for efficient pickup and delivery executions. Administrators, Branch, Kitchen & Warehouse Managers can monitor, control and override any required transfers, changes or adjustments with system recommendations facilitating the best of both worlds hybrid AI plus human intelligence mechanism for unforeseen events i.e. accidents, vehicle breakdowns or other operational challenges which need addressing in real time.


Merchant Portal & White Label Apps

Web based Merchant Portal Access made available directly into your Website Domain within minutes with zero coding. Allow access to your corporate B2B customers through an advanced web merchant portal dashboard with enterprise level functionality.

Activate your branded white labelled true native mobile Android & iOS merchant applications for B2B corporate customers requiring advanced bulk features. Allow order origination with advanced pricing formulae based on locations, zones, volumes, weight or distance.

Access historical view of all orders, proof of delivery eSignatures, pictures, location with timestamp, full chain of custody of each parcel movement with scan history, invoices and payments from right within the app in online and offline modes.



Live Chat, Ratings & Feedback Management

A fully integrated smart chat module that automatically embeds order details for customer apps, driver apps, merchant apps and admin web portals allowing live communication between all stakeholders for order adjustments, location changes, rescheduling and returns management.

Giving your customers the ability to rate orders and drivers directly, gain detailed feedback in real time which enables instant visibility across your field force. Powering better customer engagement through immediate ratings and issue resolutions can make a major impact on customer retention allowing you to focus on key performance indicators which matter the most to your business.


Payments Collection & Management

Enabling Credit Card payments facility for driver apps, customer apps, merchant apps and web portals through payment gateway integration with your preferred gateway i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Square, PayStacks, PayTabs and more.

Allocate Soft & Hard cash on delivery limits per driver who are collecting field payments giving the company more control over driver’s cash risk while allowing pre paid orders to continue without any restrictions. System intelligently reassigns cash on delivery orders to other zone drivers with available limits for execution.


Lastmile Delivery Management Software