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Your sales growth is dependent on effective logistics management

If you are a delivery and logistics business, then your fleet is your major asset. Don’t let your assets be out of sight, even for a single minute.

Delayed deliveries, wrong orders and returns can cost you not just one transaction but a life time of returning customer.

Fleet and Delivery Tracking
Track your fleet and check the delivery status in real time. No more waiting till day end to receive the delivery/sales status.
Order Origination
Omni Channel Order Origination. Make the order online, receive it directly from your customer or your field staff book the order through the app. All the orders are managed in a central system and pushed to the relevant driver/rider.
Journey Plan
No more hand written or printed papers for order schedule. Digital journey plan is always available in the driver/rider/sales person app. No more errors or time-consuming scheduling,
Route Optimization
Our state of the art, route optimization feature gives you real time feedback, so you can optimize the deliveries and manage your trip costs.
Returns/Damaged Products handling
We handle the returns and the damaged products through the rider app.
Geo Coordinates based features
Maintain your CRM with the Geo Coordinates along with the location based proof of delivery.
Digital Load Out
Digital load outs will make your easy, know what product and how much quantity to be loaded in each vehicle. No more chances of error or lost products.
Day end report
Know the status of all day deliveries of each driver/rider/sales person in real time.
Payment Collection
Through our all in one device, collect payments in any form. We leverage the power of IOT (Internet of Things).
Location Maps
No more training new drivers with the customer locations. With our in app map, all they need to do is to start the journey and they reach the destination without any hassle.

Leverage the power of technology to achieve Logistical excellence

Our logistics management software integrates all logistics and delivery operations in one system

Empowered Back Office team can do wonders

Imagine the power of visibility in the hands of your back-office team. They can take decisions on the go, no more back logs and satisfy customers with simple clicks.

The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to do avoid delays.

All the requests and changes are handled through our central workflow in real time. Which means, no more phone calls, missed information or open requests.

Live analytics of daily sales, deliveries and pickups. See how your riders and products are performing by the minute. Live tracking of your fleet and deliveries.

Every user in the organization has a different role to play, and we understand that. Define user roles and rights, so everyone gets to see what they are supposed to see.

What’s the point of having a system, if you have to manage your stock outside. Our fully integrated stock and warehouse module keep complete track of your stock.

Simple clicks let you push the load out, orders or dispatches to the relevant driver. Define the routes, areas and localities, so that there is no more mix ups of orders.

Manage credit customers easily by giving them credit lines. No more problem of exceeding credits and missed collections.

2,000,000+ orders fulfilled

Scalable & Reliable platform capable of handling 10,000+ SKUs

Size of fleet doesn’t matter. Size of business doesn’t matter. Visibility of your delivery and logistics operations matters

Ever wondered, why your customers choose technology backed 3PLs or Services? Do they trust them more?


On demand delivery and big data is changing the face of delivery and logistics industry around the world. Smart businesses know the power of technology and are already adopting new ways of attaining the customer insights, product demand analysis and delivering on demand orders. Having an ERP or POS is not enough anymore. It is important to bridge the gap between the fleet operations and the back office through real time solution. Only way to delight your customers and to increase the business is to increase visibility and transparency between sales, delivery, stock management, returns and free products handling, delivery confirmation and payment collection to name a few.

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