Client Introduction

Currently operational in 10 cities in Iraq including Baghdad, Tasleem Express is your one-stop solution for all your supply-chain needs, whether it be third-party logistics, local or international transportation, or warehouse management. With a focus on personalized experiences, advanced technology, and cost efficiency, Tasleem Express offers tailored and effective supply-chain solutions to its customers.

Business Challenges


Solution 1: Integration Hub

Mile’s external system-agnostic platform integrated seamlessly using robust restful APIs that covered a wide range of use cases, including onDemand, HyperLocal, eCommerce, F&B, Fulfillment, Storage services covering categories, brands, orders, customers, and more. As a result, Tasleem Express’s end users can now track their shipments in real-time, confirm or change delivery windows, and also rate and review their experience on the app.

Solution 2: Expert Software Development Team

Tasleem Express outsourced their software features enhancement, customization, and integration to Mile. The result has been obvious: their team now manages all their e-commerce, courier & shipping, warehouse, storage fulfillment operations from Mile's single-window, enterprise logistics management software.

Solution 3: Native Merchant and Driver Apps with Offline Capabilities

Considering Tasleem Express uses offline mode quite a lot due to internet issues, Mile built native e-tailer, retailer, and driver apps which can be used offline by merchants/stores and drivers respectively.

Solution 4: Cash-on-Delivery Limit

When Mile came on board, they implemented cash-on-delivery limits to avoid misappropriation of money. When a driver reaches this threshold, they receive an alert from the system to return all this cash to the office. They are obligated to deposit the funds before accepting any additional cash-on-delivery jobs, regardless of how many times they need to visit the office that day. Furthermore, the app's live tracking and replayability feature keeps tabs on a driver's whereabouts from the moment a package is dispatched until it reaches its destination. This way, any questionable or fraudulent behavior can be identified without the need for evidence.

Supply Chain Optimization

Mile’s features like live integration with ETAs, real-time status updates, and live tracking have allowed Tasleem Express to fulfill their clients’ requirements, while also increasing their operational efficiency at the same time.

Tasleem Express’s Future with Mile

With Mile’s enterprise logistics management software in place, Tasleem Express has achieved remarkable B2B growth, delivering personalized experiences to over 2000 users across Iraq. The company is gearing up for further expansion, with plans to open an office in Mosul and many other cities to extend its reach to 10 major cities.

About Mile

Provider of logistics platform intended to revolutionize logistics from the first to the last mile that makes enterprise Tech Stack the bedrock for fleet operators. The company's seamlessly integrated logistics and commerce platform digitally orchestrates the transfiguration of intricate operations from fleet and warehouse management to fulfillment storage, merchant oversight, and marketplace commerce, thereby empowering enterprises to elevate their operations to unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.