Client Introduction

Since its inception in 1995, LS Express has been a trusted medical courier service in the Florida panhandle. To safeguard patient privacy, their delivery experts strictly adhere to secure chain-of-custody protocols set forth by Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a result of their recent expansion, they are now operational every day, all year round, in Pensacola, Fort Walton, Destin, and Panama City.

Business Challenges


Optimizing Medical Courier Delivery Operations

Our data-driven approach minimized operational disruptions, enhanced delivery predictability, and automated medical courier logistics for LS Express. Besides,

LS Express’ Future with Mile

Mile continues to streamline medical courier delivery operations for LS Express through: Multi-stop route planning for inbound deliveries and outbound collections Electronic signatures and proof of delivery for indisputable delivery confirmation Multiple delivery pictures as proof for conclusive evidence of success HIPAA-compliant data security protocols to safeguard sensitive patient health information Barcode & 3D object scanning to guarantee correct assignment to its designated route Delivery time windows to meet customers’ unique preferences

About Mile

Mile’s enterprise grade logistics platform is intended to revolutionize logistics from the first to the last mile. The company's seamlessly integrated logistics and commerce platform digitally orchestrates the transfiguration of intricate operations from fleet and warehouse management to fulfillment storage, merchant oversight, and marketplace commerce, thereby empowering enterprises to elevate their operations to unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity.