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Merchant Portal For Web

Merchant Portal White Label Access & Management

Web based Merchant Portal Access made available directly into your Website Domain within minutes with zero coding. Allow access to your corporate B2B customers through an advanced web merchant portal dashboard with enterprise level functionality.

Integrate merchant registration right into your website domain capturing merchant, location, logos and business documents. Approve new merchant registrations through an integrated workflow while assigning discount pricing before enabling access.

Allow web access to your B2B corporate merchants for powerful order origination with advanced pricing formulae based on locations, zones, volumes, weight or distance through single or bulk order excel imports.

Reduce support calls, status update queries by enabling direct merchant access to dashboard, drawing delivery routes taken by drivers, detailed reports and statements for transparent management.

shipments and Cargo management

White Label Portal Highlights

Integrate your website within minutes with for a seamless White Labelled offering.

Allow access to your B2B & B2C customers through a White Labelled Merchant Portal.

Connect your B2B customers through Web Merchant Portal automating registration process and pre integrated tracking and order status updates.

For Mobile

Merchant Native Android & iOS Apps

Activate your branded white labelled true native mobile Android & iOS merchant applications for B2B corporate customers requiring advanced bulk features. Allow order origination with advanced pricing formulae based on locations, zones, volumes, weight or distance.

True native mobile merchant apps enjoy better performance, UI controls and location accuracy while comparing against less sophisticated HTML5 or wrapper apps pretending to be native.

We publish your branded apps in your color theme with bulk order imports, advanced pricing, product or service details, live status updates, dashboards, live chat, invoices, payment history and analytics on Google & Apple Stores.

For Mobile

Multi Vendor Native Marketplace Apps

Android & iOS True Native Merchant Apps for Multi Vendor Marketplace not HTML wrappers published on Google & Apple Stores.

Comes with your marketplace branding, theme, vendor categories, store locations, product service categories, brands management, stock management, promotions deal management, pricing details, order tracking, status updates, notifications, live chat, payment settlement, merchant balance management, rescheduling, returns management, order rating, feedback and more.