Evolving technology and ever evolving business needs have completely changed how route  optimization and planning works. It is no more efficient to plan in advance how to reach from point A to B, knowing that the traffic conditions are always changing. Effective route optimization can only be achieved if all the necessary elements contributing to successful order delivery are working in sync with each other. Mile’s Route Optimization feature takes in to account the scheduled deliveries, new orders/deliveries, customer location, preferred delivery time and preferred delivery day. Mile’s smart sorting technology, automatically clubs the orders/deliveries date, time and/or area wise, taking away the pain of planning the deliveries schedule manually. With the simple drag and drop features, operations team can also manually arrange the order of deliveries, which are directly sent to the driver/sales person’s app.

Not just that, our in-app route optimization feature lets the driver/sales person to optimize the route depending on distance, available stock and liver traffic conditions. Thus making our Route Optimization feature dynamic and efficient for the businesses that cater to numerous deliveries in a single day.

What you get:

  • Automated Route Optimization
  • No more hassle of uploading the delivery schedules separately
  • No more hassle of moving between different systems
  • Dynamic Route Optimization