Automating Delivery & Logistics Operations

Mile is a comprehensive solution to streamline delivery operations & taking taking businesses online with Multi Vendor and Single Store Apps.

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Why Mile?

We can not increase the number of hours in a day, but we can help you utilize your business hours in a smarter and organized way, so you can delight your customers and have a 360 degree view of your fleet and delivery operations

Increased customer expectations due to on-demand deliveries have already put immense pressure on the businesses. In the times, where businesses must compete with the uberization of services, it is not only tedious to develop fully integrated solution but also to manage it.

Why sweat over reinventing the wheel? Mile Solution suite is a ready to use solution for any small, medium or large organization which involves delivery, returns or moving of goods. All your logistics needs are covered by our state-of-the-art, easy to use solution. It is as simple as sipping on your morning coffee.

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Who Are We?

Mile started its operations in 2017 and developed specialized delivery software for Water distribution companies. Mile supported the most complicated delivery operations for renowned water companies in Dubai. After several successful implementations Mile expanded its operations across industries, courier and on-demand deliveries being the first ones. Mile has now matured as a multi tenant, cross vertical, cross industry and a global solution. With its easy integration with several known payment gateways and ERP solutions. Mile is completely localized and Tax compatible. Mile expanded its offering to Multi Vendor Marketplace Apps and Single Store Mobile Apps recently and is successfully being implemented across 20+ countries. 

Mile is a SaaS offering, with processes in place to take any business online with in days. Mile is trusted by business with complex operations due to its detailed modules and functions. 

Our record resolution & response time is what sets us apart. Mile team has all the required expertise that can help you increase efficiency and smoothen out delivery business operations.

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