Mile Suite – Automating Delivery and Logistics operations

Fully integrated field and back office operations

We can not increase the number of hours in a day, but we can help you utilize your business hours in a smarter and organized way, so you can delight your customers and have a 360 degree view of your fleet and delivery operations

Increased customer expectations due to on-demand deliveries have already put immense pressure on the businesses. In the times, where businesses must compete with the uberization of services, it is not only tedious to develop fully integrated solution but also to manage it.

Why sweat over reinventing the wheel? Mile Solution suite is a ready to use solution for any small, medium or large organization which involves delivery, returns or moving of goods. All your logistics needs are covered by our state-of-the-art, easy to use solution. It is as simple as sipping on your morning coffee.

We Offer You

Driver App

Easy to use white labelled driver/sales app, fully iconified and user friendly

Load Outs and Dispatch

Push load outs and dispatch in real time, with simple click


Our all-in-one device, lets you track the location of the order and where it has been dropped off, along with payment collection

Route Optimization

No need to define routes days ahead, when you and your driver can benefit from route optimization in real time

CRM with Geo Location

No more hassle of finding the customer location and delayed order deliveries

Delivery Geo Confirmation

Know in real-time the location of the customer and exactly where the order has been dropped off

Payment Collection& Proof of delivery

With our All-in-One device collect payment in any way you like, along with proof of delivery

Returns Management

Manage the returns and/or damaged products in real time

Warehouse Management

Your stock is always managed and sorted in real-time

Enable businesses with fully integrated digital field force management and last mile delivery tools to meet logistics & supply chain requirements of customers.


Empowering businesses with digital logistics, paperless last mile deliveries and on field payments collection all while enabling on-demand business growth and securing operational controls.

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