Automated Delivery Dispatch

Automated Delivery Dispatch

AI Powered Dispatching Rules

Leverage a collection of smart AI algorithm rules that allow you to configure inside zone and outside zones. Automated Dispatch enables automated dispatching for real time order assignments based on distance, assigned number of orders, vehicle capacity, COD limits, order amounts, zone positions, driver ratings and optimized routes for efficient pickup and delivery executions.

Having the advanced smart delivery dispatching functions that utilize AI algorithms allows dispatchers, logistics teams and back office team members the ability to streamline and monitor delivery operations for large fleets while keeping the flexibility of human intervention at their fingertips for unforeseen situations i.e. vehicle breakdowns, accidents and field transfer or adjustments.

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Smart Rules Engine

Rules engine allows administrators to pre configure auto assignment rules including:

  • Number of retries
  • Round robin criterion
  • Order acceptance time before bounce
  • Inside zone as well as outside zone driver’s allocation for shift based and after hours’ assignments during 24-hour shift operations.
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Manage Zones

Zones Assignment

Zone assignments based on real time analytics. Interactive heat maps assist administrators with a better decision for drivers assignment to every single zone. Heat maps also help with visibility to manage drivers while they operate in the field. 

Get detailed insights into busy branches, warehouses, stores kitchens and zones requiring extra drivers or vehicles to manage the extra work load.

Administrators for Branches, Kitchens & Warehouse Managers can monitor, control and override any required transfers, changes or adjustments to orders based on system AI recommendations. 

Automated Delivery Dispatch

The system facilitates the best of both worlds in a hybrid approach i.e. AI logic complimented by human intelligence in real time helps to stream line even the most complex unforeseen events (accidents, vehicle breakdowns or other operational challenges which need immediate addressing)