Every Courier Company Needs This – Courier Management Software

Managing deliveries can get challenging and daunting, at the same time while keeping a check on everything, from customers’ location, riders, map navigation & payments, etc. Any miscommunication or a single mistake can lead to a huge loss in terms of money and reputation, both. Mile has got the solution for all of this, our best quality courier management solution incorporated with world class features. Courier management software is a platform that is designed to meet the demands of the competitive courier businesses and to facilitate them by reducing cost and time involved in delivery operations.

Increase in the expectations of the customers is another factor, requiring courier companies to automate their operations. After all customers want everything to be handled perfectly on time. We offer scalable courier management solution for our global audience.

From dispatching important documents around the town to delivering bigger items across the country, our courier management solution makes it really easy to use this software and let end customers enjoy a hassle free experience.


Mile comes with a user-friendly driver and consumer app. Our consumer apps are native and white labelled and allows the end users to select pickup & drop off location, time, enter item details and make payments online.

On the other hand the driver app comes equipped with location maps, prompt notifications & schedules etc.,

Developed with state of the art technology it is less labor dependent while providing fine details users want.

It’s easy to use, can seamlessly integrate with external platforms thus simplifying the process and operations.

We assist local and global businesses to bring efficiencies in their deliveries through auto and manual dispatch and scheduling of orders.

Our Apps streamline all users i.e end customer and the delivery drivers to overlook the seamless process on both ends.

How Mile Helps You In Your Business Operations?

Courier and Delivery businesses are based on intensive logistics and supply chain management operations.

Mile with its comprehensive software features and a user-friendly interface, makes it very easy for every company to manage its deliveries and dispatch operations on point in an effective manner.

Real-time driver app notifications and verified locations makes the job of pick up and delivery easier and hassle free. Drivers can navigate through the map and reach the location on time.

No back and forth calls for location and area confirmations or delays.

Back office can easily monitor the status of the drivers and the deliveries and make sure process is being run smoothly. Our driver app and back end system is feature rich and easy to use.

Functional Capabilities Of Courier Management Software:

Full-time tracking of the driver, we make it safe on both ends by full-time tracking of the driver’s location, facilitation of the vehicle by providing it with a preferable map and location vice versa.

Meanwhile, the user/customer can check it as well and track the location of the order. End customer can also rate their experience once the package is delivered.

Mile software can handle credit and cash on deliveries. Mile can easily integrate with your preferred payment gateway. Likewise issues such as rejection of orders and cancellation issues can be solved instantly with returns management.

The app is under constant advancement, meeting the demands of our customers and end-users,

thus keeping a happy and trusted bond between the software and user.

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