Mile Solutions offers fully integrated digital dispatch software, which is helping the dispatchers to manage day-to-day tasks by eliminating errors and missed deliveries. Dispatching is at the core of logistics and delivery operations. In the absence of a smooth running dispatching system, it is almost impossible to achieve optimum results from the delivery and fleet force. With our easy to set business rules, dispatchers can set the routes (area wise), schedule recurring orders (with preferred day and time) and schedule product wise deliveries.Mile is a flexible system allowing both automated and manual dispatch. Dispatchers can schedule deliveries manually by simple drag and drop which is updated simultaneously in the driver/rider mobile app, letting them know the delivery priority.

By default, the system pushes the order/delivery to the rider/driver from the respective area/region/route. The preferred day and time of the delivery can be preset by the dispatcher or the customers, themselves. This helps with aligning the tasks accordingly, thus putting an end to missed or late deliveries.

Key Features of  Digital Dispatch Software

  • Daily Journey Plan
  • Recurring Orders
  • Scheduled Deliveries (as per consumer preferred time)
  • Stock Visibility
  • Real-time status updates


  • One click dispatch and scheduling of deliveries
  • Complete visibility of field force in real-time
  • No more relying on phone calls to schedule new deliveries, push tasks directly to the respective driver/rider’s app
  • GPS enabled delivery confirmations
  • Real-time stock visibility